How Many Days in Germany (Trip Planning Help For How Long To Stay Where)

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You may be feeling overwhelmed with actually PLANNING a trip to Germany. Figuring out that perfect Germany Itinerary can be really hard because you want to do it all, see it all, and if you are like me….EAT it all!

Even though I have numerous itineraries on this blog, the reality is that there is no “perfect” Germany Itinerary. I’ve talked about it before in my other posts, but there are just simply too many variables in creating an “Ultimate Germany Travel Itinerary” that will meet the needs of even a majority of people. From different interests people have to limitations of transportation methods to some people choosing to go to ancestral villages, and more, no one itinerary will ever match everyone’s needs.

I also realize that many travelers want to see as much as possible. This means that many people are going to travel much faster than I ever recommend. We often get asked questions in our Travel in Bavaria Facebook Group like, “Is this itinerary possible?” And then they list out a million places to go to in just one week. I mean, is it possible?? Maybe. Are you actually going to enjoy your trip or even remember anything? No.

Therefore, I decided to put together a list of some of the most popular places to visit in Germany and give you both the absolute minimum amount of time that I recommend for a place but also give you an “ideal” range of days to stay as well. That way, you can know what is realistic when planning. If you are a faster paced traveler, then you can probably squeeze the minimum amount of days I recommend and still have a nice trip. However, even for the quickest of travelers, I still recommend throwing in an “ideal” number of days in a city here and there just for the opportunity to slow down, even if just for an afternoon to truly embrace the “Slow” lifestyle of Germany. 

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How Many Days in Germany is Enough

neuschwanstein castle germany near munich

Again, I can’t answer this. I LIVE in Germany and still find ways to spend a whole week on holiday right here in the country! But I will say this. Many people choose to take a 10 Day Germany Trip and upwards of 14 days and can still see and do plenty in that time! The key to a successful trip is having realistic expectations, no matter how long your trip to Germany is going to be.

Pick One Area and Explore it Well

Germany trip planner

One tip that I give to people planning THEIR ideal Itinerary for Germany is to pick one region and just really deep dive there.  Take Bavaria for example. I have a 10 Day Bavaria Itinerary where you don’t even step foot outside of the State and yet you still don’t even see a fraction of what it has to offer.  However, with 10 days, you can solidly get a fantastic taste for Bavaria including it’s main sites as well as some of my favorite underrated gems.

Alternatively, I have different Black Forest Itineraries. If you add up all the different itineraries, you can easily spend over a week just in the Black Forest alone and by doing so, you will have had a trip of a lifetime. No, you will not have gone everywhere in Germany, but I promise, you will have no complaints about your trip being memorable!

Or, choose to go North and stay there. It can take about 7 hours by train just to get from Berlin down to the Bavarian Alps. That’s an entire travel day right there! Instead, choose to stay in the North. Spend several days in Berlin, if you are here in the summer, kick back at a beach on the Baltic Sea, and then go explore Hamburg!  That right there is easily 10-14 days in and of itself!

Take Into Consideration Travel Times

re train germany

Something most people forget when planning a trip to Germany and deciding on which German towns to visit is that just because you’ve figured out the perfect amount of time to stay IN the cities or towns doesn’t mean you’ve remembered to take into consideration the time to travel between places.

Sure, Germany is a “small” country (comparatively to places like the US) but that doesn’t mean that everything is close! Even if you have to drive or take the train 3 hours from one destination to the next, by the time you actually get to the train station and switch hotels, you are looking at a half’s day amount of time. When you are only allotting, say 2 days in a city, that half a day is actually very valuable and shouldn’t be wasted by sitting in a car or train when you could be drinking a German beer in beer garden, eating a Schnitzel overlooking a river, or touring WWII sites. 

You Can’t Do It All

best castles for families in germany to visit
Double Baby Wearing for the win at Burg Eltz!

While this may be starting to sound like a broken record, it seems that no matter how much it’s talked about in my groups and on this site that people still think they can do it all…or at least as much crammed into a short trip as possible!

I often get told, “Look, I know I am going to be missing stuff in each city, but this is a once in a lifetime trip, so we need to cross off as much as possible, even if that means not really diving deep into each location.” And I get it. I really do. 

But, wouldn’t you rather look back in 3 years on your trip and say, “Remember, the day we took the river cruise to the Weltenburg Abbey? Man, that was so gorgeous, and the beer was outstanding!” vs “Where were we when we had that one lunch with pork and gravy” (because you had gone to so many places that you couldn’t even remember what was where) And believe me, that happens! I just had someone ask in our group, “Where was that Trachten shop in Regensburg by the town gates.” After a lot of back and forth, I finally figured out it was in Rothenburg, not even Regensburg! She finally replied with an, “Oh my gosh! We were on such a whirlwind tour that I couldn’t even keep all the different places separate in my mind!” 

Slow Down

So, with all that being said, while I am always going to be a proponent of slowing down, I understand the need to “get in as much as possible.” So I love recommending options that you can still see a lot without sacrificing much or missing out on culture and slow MOMENTS. 

When all else fails, always block in an hour to just sit on a town square. Get an ice cream, like the locals (no matter the season!), or sip on a beer or wine and just take it all in before rushing off again to your next place. 

Find “Home Bases”

When I travel, I prefer to find a place that I can stay at longer (less hotel hopping!) but that still offers a TON to do for countless days through easy and close day trips. Many of these types of towns are ideal places to stay for longer than just 1-2 days because many of these are cities that have great public transportation both within the city itself but also to nearby destinations. 

A few of my favorite “Home Base” places to stay in Germany that have amazing day trip opportunities are:

Germany Itineraries- How Many Days for Each City

The way I want you to use the rest of this article is to take into account a few things

  • Your own personal interests
  • Are you a city or a nature kind of person
  • Are you traveling with a family
  • How much time do you have
  • Car or Train

Next, you are going to decide which places sound MOST appealing to you. If you have one week, I recommend only 2 (maaaaybe 3) places. If you have 10 days in Germany, I would do no more than 4 locations and with 14 days, you can probably squeeze in about 4-5 destinations (but even that is going to be rushed).

Once you know several of your top locations, you are going to want to head over to Google Maps and start routing things together. You’ll want to play around with this for a bit. You may need to shift around the places to make the most sense- route wise and you may also realize after looking at the map and distances that some places on your list just aren’t going to be realistically feasible after all. Put those on your “Next Time….” lists. 

Pro Tip: When using Google Maps, if you know you will be driving, you can select the “Car” Icon at the top. Alternatively, if you know you’ll only be using trains in Germany and public transportation, click the “Train” icon to get decently accurate information for trains, buses, etc. 


Munich rathaus glockenspiel

Minimum Amount of Time: 2 Days (for just Munich itself)
Ideal Amount of Time: 4 Days (includes Munich + day trips to places like Neuschwanstein or Dachau)

Munich is often a must for the majority of travelers going on a trip in Germany. It is the capital of Bavaria and is a major transportation hub both for flights as well as with trains, making it very easy to get into and around. 

The reality is that you can see most of Munich’s MAIN highlights (again, you WILL be missing plenty with even 2 days in Munich) in just a few days. You can easily hit up famous places like the Marienplatz, the Hofbrauhaus, and the English Gardens all in just two days.

However, Munich is also a fantastic place as a “Home Base.” There are so many great Day Trips from Munich that you can get to in just a few hours. A few of my favorites are:


berlin free things to do: Go to the Brandenburg Gate

Minimum Amount of Time: 2 Days 
Ideal Amount of Time: 4 Days

While you CAN do Berlin in 2 days, I honestly don’t know why you’d want to. Maybe compromise with 3 days in Berlin just to be safe. 

I had put off going to Berlin for years because I thought I preferred the picture perfect villages in Germany, but the reality is that when I finally went to Berlin, I was blown away by how much I loved it! It is this amazing melting pot of cultures (not just German). It’s a complete contrast to the more traditional areas of Germany, like Bavaria, yet is steeped in amazing history and does not lack in things to do to keep you busy and sightseeing! 

Spending 3-4 days in Berlin will give you the best overall experience the city has to offer. However, if you need to, you can get by with just 2 days in Berlin.



Minimum Amount of Time: 2 Days 
Ideal Amount of Time: 3 Days

While some people try to squeeze Hamburg into 1 day, you will now be faced with my earlier predicaments about just basically crossing places off a list for the sake of seeing a checkmark. Can you see the main highlights of Hamburg in 1 Day? Probably. But you shouldn’t.

Even just by adding 1 more day, it can make all the difference in the world to still moving quickly on your trip but not rushing every second of your vacation. 2 Days in Hamburg can be just the right balance.

Of course, if you have a little bit more time, 3 days in Hamburg is more ideal. You can actually slow down and enjoy the beautiful gardens, you can relax on a dinner river cruise, and you can explore the neighborhoods and town at your own pace with 3 days.


travel itinerary germany

Minimum Amount of Time: 0 days
Ideal Amount of Time: 1 day

This answer may come as a surprise to a lot of people, but I honestly say if you are tight on time, just skip Frankfurt.  It’s not that there isn’t anything to do there but it’s that there are so many more amazing places in Germany (some not even 30 minutes away from Frankfurt!) that when you don’t have all the time in the world, you shouldn’t spend your limited time in the city. 

If you are flying into Frankfurt and maybe don’t want to hit the ground running too hard due to jet lag, I highly suggest getting out of Frankfurt and going to the following nearby places for a day and then getting your move on with your trip:

  • Mainz
  • Bad Homburg
  • Wiesbaden
  • Koblenz
  • Würzburg



Minimum Amount of Time: 1 Day
Ideal Amount of Time: 2 Days

Despite it being a decently sized city, most people can see the highlights of Cologne in 1 day. One of the reasons why Cologne is often on the list of places to go to in Germany is for its famous Cathedral, which is the largest Gothic church in Northern Europe. The view of the Hohenzollern bridge expanding out over the river, looking like it’s practically reaching out to the Cathedral, is a popular choice for photo lovers as well. 

There are also a few museums in Cologne if you like that kind of thing, but I much prefer to spend my time experiencing things like the local town squares like the Heumarkt and the Alter Markt. Of course, if you are a chocolate lover, you can’t skip on the Cologne Chocolate Museum!

Therefore, you can get by with 1 day in Köln, but consider 2 if you can.

The Black Forest

things to do in the black forest

Minimum Amount of Time: 3 Day
Ideal Amount of Time: 5-7 Days

Depending on exactly where you are coming from and where you are headed, you can actually technically do the Black Forest in just 1 day. Well, you can’t do the whole Black Forest, but you can choose to just do one town in the Black Forest for a day. However, the Black Forest covers much of the entire state of Baden-Württemberg. If you are going to make the effort to go to one of the following places, then it is a little silly to not take advantage of your location and see a few more towns in the area.

Note: I HIGHLY recommend making a “home base” in the Black Forest and then just doing day trips to nearby locations.


Minimum Amount of Time: 1 Day
Ideal Amount of Time: 1 Day
*Home Base: Use the town to do day trips for 3-4 more days

You can easily see the famous Triberg Waterfalls and the “Cuckoo Clock Town” in just one day. However, we personally chose to use Triberg as our Home Base for our Black Forest Itinerary, not because it had a ton to do in and of itself, but because of its location IN the Black Forest. We ended up only really seeing Triberg in 1 day but stayed there for 4 days as we explored other parts of the nearby Black Forest. 


things to do in germany freiburg

Minimum Amount of Time: 1 Day
Ideal Amount of Time: 1 Day
*Home Base: Use the town to do day trips for 3-4 more days

Like most places in Germany, you can always spend MORE time in a place if schedules allow, but you can easily see and do everything in Freiburg in just 1 day. The most popular site is the town’s Cathedral, which is truly gorgeous and is a commanding feature of the main town square. But of course, it is a town that is great to just wander around in as well. You can see the old medieval gates, watch the water run through the Bächle (little open water streams throughout the city), and grab a Wurst.

However, Freiburg makes for an absolutely fantastic home base if you want to stay a few extra days here. You can hop over to France in a heartbeat, explore deeper in the Black Forest, and even zip down to Switzerland for a day! There are a ton of great Day Trips from Freiburg making it an ideal place to settle in for 3-4 days total.

Baden Baden

Spa in Baden Baden
Friedrichsbad in Baden Baden Germany

Minimum Amount of Time: 1 Day
Ideal Amount of Time: 2-3 Days

One of the main reasons people flock to Baden Baden is to go to what some people consider the Best Spas in Germany. Some people can cram both the Caracalla and the Freidrichsbad Roman Baths into one day, but if your purpose of the spas is relaxation, then why not slow down, even just a little and spend two days in Baden Baden

This way, you can do several of the other great Things to Do in Baden Baden like take a horse drawn carriage through the gardens or get stunning views of the Black Forest at the MerkurBergbahn. Or, go to the wonderfully ruined Hohenbaden Castle.

Looking for Places To Stay in Baden Baden? Here are My Favorite Hotels in Baden-Baden.


Minimum Amount of Time: 0 Day
Ideal Amount of Time: 1 Day
*Home Base: Use the town to do day trips for 2-3 more days

Stuttgart is another city that I personally (and many others) can say you can pass on. Again, it’s not that Stuttgart isn’t good or doesn’t have anything to offer, it’s just that there are so many other BETTER places in Germany for visitors to get a more memorable “Germany Trip.” (Please don’t hate on me Stuttgartians!) 

One reason to definitely go to Stuttgart is if you are a car lover though. Many people like to go to Stuttgart for a day just for the car museums like the Mercedes-Benz Museum, the Porsche Museum, and the Motorworld museum.

With all that being said, Stuttgart is a fantastic home base option. So, I actually have gone to Stuttgart numerous times but instead of using it as a place to explore the city itself, I now use it as a centralized and affordable place to book a hotel for several nights and then enjoy great day trips! A few of my favorite day trips from Stuttgart are:

See my full list of Best Day Trips from Stuttgart Here


Day trip to Bamberg

Minimum Amount of Time: 1 Day
Ideal Amount of Time: 1 Day

I’m sure anyone from Bamberg will tell you that you can easily spend so much more than 1 day in Bamberg. But as a tourist, 1 day is actually all that you really need. Bamberg is a great place to do a day trip from Nuremberg and is even really easy to get in and out of via trains. 

Bamberg is a fantastic town to just wander around in. The Altstadt is insanely charming with its half timbered houses and the Rathaus (Town Hall) is like none other as it literally towers over the rushing river below it. 

You can spend some time in the “Bavarian Venice” and no trip to Bamberg is complete without trying out the Rauchbier (smoked beer). 


munich to garmisch day trip

Minimum Amount of Time: 2 Days
Ideal Amount of Time: 3 Days

While yes, it is completely possible to do Garmisch as a day trip from Munich, I only recommend that if you are so insanely tight on time and have no other options. The reason is that you are going to spend just as much time getting to and from Garmisch as you will actually have enjoying your time there. That, and you won’t even get to do that much!

Many people will jet down to Garmisch for a day just to get up to the tallest mountain in Germany, the Zugspitze. But in doing so, you will be missing out on all the other great Things to do in Garmisch, like visiting the Partnach Gorge, walking around the stunning Eibsee Lake, or wandering the Altstadt with its unique buildings with painted scenes on them. That’s not even taking into consideration any time to do some breathtaking walks or hikes in the area (or to get a famous Windbeutel dessert!) 

Give yourself at least 2 days in Garmisch, if not even 3 if you’d like to visit the charming nearby village of Mittenwald and the really cool Leutasch Gorge as well.


munich to berchtesgaden day trip

Minimum Amount of Time: 2 Days
Ideal Amount of Time: 4 Days

For the purpose of this article, I am calling “Berchtesgaden” the whole Berchtesgaden National Park (there is the actual TOWN of Berchtesgaden as well). This area of Bavaria is a nature lover’s dream come true!

Some people will try to do Berchtesgaden in 1 day (for example, from Munich), but with it being in the mountains, it can take a lot of time to get there (even with a car) and, again, you’d spend more time on transportation than actually enjoying the serenity and beauty of this national park! In Berchtesgaden you should plan on visiting (arguably in order of importance):

  • Königssee 
  • Hikes 
  • Eagle’s Nest (don’t bother if it is a cloudy day)
  • Salt Mines

Pro Tip: Berchtesgaden is a fantastic place if you are making your way to Austria/ Salzburg

Insider Tip: It is actually faster to get to parts of Berchtesgaden from Salzburg rather than places like Munich. For example, it’s easier to get to the Eagle’s Nest from Salzburg than from Munich.

Rothenburg ob der Tauber

things to do rothenburg ob der tauber

Minimum Amount of Time: 1 Day
Ideal Amount of Time: 2 Days

Rothenburg, as touristy as it may be, remains to be one of the most charming, beautiful, and favorite towns in Germany for people who visit there. Personally, I’ve done Rothenburg in 1 day and it’s been fine. I didn’t feel overly rushed in the town itself, it was just a long day as a day trip. Most people who consider a day trip to Rothenburg typically do it from Nuremberg, since it’s only a little over an hour by car. 

Alternatively, with even just 2 days in Rothenburg, you can completely change the pace of your trip. Since it’s a small enough place to see most of it in a day, by adding a second day, you can stop at a Cafe on the town square and people watch longer, you can go for a walk in the nearby vineyards, and you can do the famous Night Watchman’s tour. Rothenburg takes on a completely different feel in the evening and early hours when none of the day trippers are there and it’s definitely worth it to add in a little bit more time.

The Rothenburg Christmas Market is also one of Germany’s most famous Christmas markets. You can easily spend 2 days enjoying the markets as well as seeing the village itself.  


Picturesque towns in Germany

Minimum Amount of Time: 1-2 Days
Ideal Amount of Time: 2 Days
*Home Base: Use the town to do day trips for 2-3 more days

Depending on exactly what you want to do in Nuremberg depends on the minimum amount of days you should spend there. For example, if you are good with just seeing the main Things to Do in Nuremberg like the Altstadt, Kaiserburg (castle), and some of its famous cobblestoned streets, you can easily do Nuremberg in 1 Day. 

However, if you are into WWII history, then visiting the Nazi Rally Grounds should not be missed and can be an entire day in and of itself. The Dokumentation Zentrum is honestly the best Holocaust museum I’ve ever been to. It does a phenomenal job of answering the question of, “How could this have happened? How could an entire country get behind Hitler and his ideologies?”

Spending 1 day in the Altstadt of Nuremberg and 1 day at the Nazi Rally grounds is truly ideal for your time in the city.


backpacking dresden

Minimum Amount of Time: 1 Day
Ideal Amount of Time: 2 Days
*Home Base: Use the town to do day trips for 2-3 more days

Dresden is often an underrated gem in Germany. It’s not often on the most touristy paths when people plan a trip to Germany, mostly just because of its lack of proximity to other major cities. However, it is a great place to consider stopping for several days if you are driving between Bavaria and Berlin.

The city of Dresden, like many of Germany’s bigger cities, is fine, but doesn’t have a TON to do for quick travelers. Since I’m not a huge museum fan, I was able to see Dresden at a very leisurely pace in just 2 days and that was more than plenty of time. 

However, what I really love about Dresden is its accessibility to some really amazing and definitely off the tourist path locations in Germany. Being based in Dresden meant plenty of food options, hotel choices, and great public transportation yet we were on the verge of some really amazing places that most tourists don’t even consider such as:

  • The incredibly interesting Königstein Fortress
  • The unbelievably impressive Bastei Bridge
  • All of the “Swiss Saxony” nature
  • Lots of castles, like the Moritzburg Castle
  • The charming town of Meissen 


weekend getaway germany

Minimum Amount of Time: 1 Day
Ideal Amount of Time: 2 Days

The main sites of Heidelberg are all decently compact into a small area, making 1 day in Heidelberg possible for quick travelers. You can easily do the castle and the bridge and even wander around just a bit even on a shorter day in town.  However, with an extra day, Heidelberg is a great option for weekend trips in Germany where you can check out the vineyards, go on nice walks and hikes, and of course, just sit back and enjoy the main town square with a glass of wine, a beer, or a coffee (or as the locals do, some ice cream!)


How many days for Trier

Minimum Amount of Time: 1 Day
Ideal Amount of Time: 1 Day

Trier is a fantastic place to visit, but it can easily be done as a day trip from places like Frankfurt or for many Americans at Kaiserslautern and Ramstein Air Force Base. Because of its location within Germany, it is a good place to stop over if on your way to Luxembourg, Belgium, or France even.

Trier has a wonderful town square and of course, the ancient roman ruins dating all the way back to 16 BC are fascinating as well. The cathedral is beautiful and if you are there in the winter, the Trier Christmas market is great! 


Regensburg Donau

Minimum Amount of Time: 1 Day
Ideal Amount of Time: 1 Day

I’m always biased toward Regensburg because it’s where I’ve called home off and on for the last decade. I absolutely love this town and all its wonderful charm and laid back vibes. 

It’s the perfect day trip from Munich or Nuremberg if you want to get a more “local” feel of life in Germany while simultaneously being blown away by the gorgeous architecture, great town squares where locals are just chilling, the towering cathedral, and dreamy beer gardens lining the Danube. 

You can easily spend 1 day in Regensburg and enjoy every second of it before moving on to your next destination. 

What’s Next?

I want to reiterate that the above suggestions are all taking into consideration that pretty much all tourists have to balance seeing as much as they can with still enjoying their time and getting unique and memorable experiences. I mean, you could easily spend a week in Berchtesgaden alone! But I realize that most travelers in Germany don’t have that kind of time. Likewise, places like Berlin can offer weeks and months of things to do, but I know that’s not an option for travelers. 

So now, it’s up to you to start narrowing down some of your top places and try to string them together. As always, I’m here to help so don’t hesitate to reach out during your Germany trip planning if you need assistance fine-tuning your Germany itineraries!

FAQs For How Many Days in Germany Should You Spend?

How Many Days Do you Need in Munich?

How many days in Munich is enough? You’ll want at least 2 days for the bare minimum but up to 4 to 5 days to see it all as well as give some opportunities for Day Trips to places like Dachau and Neuschwanstein.

Is Frankfurt worth visiting?

While this answer surprises many, no, Frankfurt isn’t really worth visiting IF you are short on time for your trip. Instead, head to the much more charming and local feeling towns nearby of Mainz, Bad Homburg, Wiesbaden, Koblenz, or even Würzburg. If you have a ton of time during your trip, then you can consider spending 1 day in Frankfurt.

How Many Days in Berlin is Enough?

Bare minimum is 2 days in Berlin, but you’ll most likely want at least 3 to 4 days to fully experience and enjoy all the city has to offer without feeling rushed or missing too much.

Which is Better, Frankfurt or Berlin?

Berlin. Hands down. While both are big cities in Germany, that is where the comparisons should stop. Frankfurt is a metropolis that was rebuilt with modern architecture after WWII. While yes, there are museums and some unique neighborhoods, it is really just a big city.
Where Berlin on the other hand, has a great mix of modern buildings popping up while the beautiful Baroque architecture was still recaptured in the rebuilding. Each part of Berlin has its own unique feel and vibes, making it an interesting city to explore rather than being a concrete jungle. And you won’t just find Germans in Berlin. It’s a wonderful conglomerate of cultures from expats to Turks to the Jewish quarters and more. 

Is 2 Days in Hamburg Enough?

In short, yes. You can easily see all the main things to see and do in Hamburg in 2 days

How Long Do I Need in Rothenburg ob der Tauber/ Is One Day Long Enough For Rothenburg?

If you need to, you can easily see and do Rothenburg in 1 day. However, if you can spend the night, it’s a great town to experience when all the day trippers have left. Therefore 1-2 days is perfect for Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Is Stuttgart Worth Visiting?

In short, not really. If you like cars, you can spend a day at one of the several car museums (Porsche/ Mercedes Benz) but there are better towns to spend time in than Stuttgart itself.
That being said, Stuttgart is a fantastic “Home Base” for some fantastic day trips nearby due to its centralized location to places like the Black Forest and nearby castles like Hohenzollern.

Is 1 Day For Dresden Enough?

Probably. 1.5-2 days is more ideal. However, consider using Dresden as a Home Base for countless fantastic nearby locations like the Königstein Fortress, Basteii Bridge, Meissen, and the “Swiss Saxony.”

Is 1 Day in Heidelberg Enough?

Yes. You can slow down with 2 days but with 1 day in Heidelberg, you’ll still be able to see all the main tourist sites.

What is Germany’s prettiest city?

There are no shortages of charming German towns and villages. Some of the most beautiful towns in Germany are:

  • Bamberg
  • Regensburg
  • Rothenburg ob der Tauber
  • Quedlinburg
  • Monschau
  • Mittenwald
  • Rüdesheim
  • Rüdesheim
  • Schiltach
  • Gengenbach
Is the Black Forest Worth Seeing?

You can easily spend a week of your trip to Germany just in the Black Forest alone. If you love nature, small villages, half-timbered architecture, and waterfalls, the Black Forest is definitely worth seeing!


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