Visiting Neuschwanstein Germany Cinderella Castle For a Fairytale Day

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Have you really traveled in Germany if you haven’t done a Neuschwanstein Castle visit? I feel like it is sort of like going to Paris but skipping on the Eiffel Tower.

  • Is it incredibly touristy? Yes
  • Is it still worth every bit of effort to get to? Heck Yes!

There are no shortages of Bavarian castles in Germany, but this one takes the cake, er, applestrudel. It is often lovingly referred to as “The real Disney castle in Germany.” 

I’ve been to the iconic Schloss Neuschwanstein in the winter, summer, and fall (that tells you just how amazing this destination is!), and each time it takes my breath away and each time I wonder when I’ll be back (and yes, I ALWAYS want to come back!) 

After each visit, I’ve compiled more notes, tips, and tricks to share with you to know exactly the best way for visiting Neuschwanstein Castle. In this guide, I’ll cover it all from how to get to Neuschwanstein Castle, insider tips on where and how to buy Neuschwanstein tickets, what other castles to add on to your day trip, and so much more.

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How to visit the castle in germany disney

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What is The Neuschwanstein Castle

In case you are just starting your Germany trip planning or have never seen a Disney movie (The Cinderella Castle at Disney World look familiar now?) Neuschwanstein is one of the most impressive and beautiful castles with quite the sad back story (no, no fairy tales here).

This particular King Ludwig Castle (he had many) was going to be his biggest, most impressive, and main home. But after years (and loooots of money) of construction, it was still not finished and King Ludwig mysteriously died.

Fun Neuschwanstein Castle Facts To Know

  • Neuschwanstein Castle is located above the Bavarian town of Hohenschwangau.
  • “Neu” means “new” in German. “Schwan” means “swan” and “stein” means “rock”
  • There was actually an old Schwanstein already built at this location, which is why this one would be called NEUSchwanstein (the New Schwanstein)
  • King Ludwig was often called “The Swan King” or “the Fairy Tale King.” It’s easy to see why with his fanciful and lavish palaces, but he was also a bit aloof, if not possibly insane, as some suspect.
  • King Ludwig Died Before Ever Moving In
  • Despite construction taking so long, “Mad King Ludwig” actually died before the castle was completed. I’ll leave the theories for you to find out at the actual castle. But it’s got intrigue, lover quarrels, and more….ah, the perfect recipe for an enchanting Disney movie!
  • The cost of the castle was so enormous that shortly after his death, it was opened to the public to help pay off its debt. I’ll talk more below about the Neuschwanstein castle inside and what was actually completed (surprisingly not a lot) and what that actually means for your tour.

Where is Neuschwanstein Castle

neuschwanstein castle germany

The Neuschwanstein castle in Bavaria is located right in the picturesque foothills of the stunning Alps and is arguably one of the best places to visit in Southern Germany. Many people take day trips from Munich to Neuschwanstein castle because it is only about 1.5 hours by car or about 3 hours to take the train from Munich to Neuschwanstein castle.

The nearest town with a train is Fussen, which is one place I recommend staying if you are planning an overnight in the area (and one of our top Beautiful German Villages).

Neuschwanstein Castle Location and Address: Neuschwansteinstraße 20, 87645 Schwangau, Germany

How To Get To Neuschwanstein Castle

There are a few ways to get to Neuschwanstein.

For brevity’s sake here, you can either

  1. Rent a Car (my personal suggestion)
  2. Go From Munich to Neuschwanstein Castle by train and bus
  3. Take a Private Tour
  4. Do group bus tours to Neuschwanstein Castle

How Get To Neuschwanstein: Train, Car, or Tour?

Driving To Neuschwanstein

This is my top pick for how to get to Neuschwanstein. Whether you are coming from Munich, Salzburg, Rothenburg, or any other city in Germany, it’s relatively easy and straightforward to just drive to the castle.
Note: Remember you are driving in the Bavarian Alps. If you get car sick easily, there are some pretty twisty, windy roads up there. Bring along your motion sickness meds just as a precaution.  If you are going in the winter, just check road conditions, but know that you don’t need any special tires, chains, etc if driving to Neuschwanstein in the winter.

Find Affordable Car Rentals From Munich Here

Add It To Your Germany Roadtrip

Taking a road trip through Germany is a pure delight. While the “Romantic Road” Roadtrip itself is a bit “overly romanticized” by going this route, you can see some beautiful towns and end in Schwangau at Neuschwanstein.

Alternatively, do my 10 Days in Bavaria Itinerary, which obviously includes Neuschwanstein!

Tours To Neuschwanstein Castle

This is probably my least favorite way of getting to Neuschwanstein castle in Germany (I’m just not a fan of mass tours). However, it is probably the easiest and most straight forward. Most tours are going to be a day trip from Munich and the majority will be on a big bus with a lot of other people. The goal of these tours isn’t about education or culture, but mostly just to shuttle tourists from point to point. Which, if the idea of figuring out transportation is what stresses you out, then, by all means, these tours will do the job, albeit at a high ticket price.



Neuschwanstein Castle by Train

Your next option is to use the trains in Germany. I LOVE Deutsche Bahn. It’s so wonderful to sit back for a few hours and enjoy the amazing scenery zip past you without worries of driving. Most likely, no matter where you are coming from, you are likely to have to go through Munich first in order to get to Fussen (the nearest train station) and then take the bus to Hohenschwangau. Again, all of this is covered in my Munich to Neuschwanstein article step by step.

Just remember that if you are already anywhere in Bavaria, the Bayern Pass is going to cover all public transportation (Sbahn, Ubahn, public buses, trains, etc) so that is a great ticket to purchase rather than individual tickets from your origin to Hohenschwangau.

From Munich

Munich to Neuschwanstein castle is the perfect day trip from Munich. It’s relatively easy to get to and is the perfect add on to your Munich Itinerary.

There are three main ways to get to Neuschwanstein from Munich and I cover them all in extreme detail in my How to Get to Neuschwanstein Castle from Munich guide read it here.

Salszburg To Neuschwanstein Castle

A lot of people might know that Neuschwanstein is basically on the Austrian border. However, Salzburg is still close to 3 hours away from the castle. So, I wouldn’t say that this makes for the best day trip from Salzburg. However, Salzburg is one of my favorite European cities! So, it’s hard for me to tell people not to have both on your itinerary!

The fastest way from Salzburg to Neuschwanstein is by car. Note that there are toll roads on the Autobahn in Austria as well as a Vignette (sticker for your car) is a requirement. You can get the vignette at any gas station along the route, just make sure you have it before entering Austria. If you plan on taking the highways only (not the Autobahn) then a Vignette is not necessary.

Salzburg To Neuschwanstein By Train

If you want to get to Neuschwanstein from Salzburg by train then you actually will have to go up to Munich first. Which then, you can just follow my exact directions on how to get to Neuschwanstein from Munich by train directions.

Just a reminder, you’ll have to do both trains and buses. So you’ll take the Munich to Fussen train and then from Fussen to Neuschwanstein castle is by a short bus ride. The great part about this train option is that even though Salzburg is in Austria, it is still covered under the Bayern Pass. The bad part about this is that it takes about 4 hours total. Therefore, my top recommendation is if you are coming from Salzburg, to head up to Munich and spend a day (or 2 or 3!) there and then do your day trip to Neuschwanstein castle from Munich.

Neuschwanstein Castle Tickets

images of neuschwanstein castle

Covid Note: As of the current writing, tickets are not available upon walk up.  You must register for your tickets online here 

In order to tour Neuschwanstein Castle, you’ll need a guided tour.

Insider Tip: All of the grounds (Marienbrucke, outside of the castle, the gorge, etc) are free. For people short on time, I highly recommend paying to see the inside of the neighboring Hohenschwangau and to just spend your time at Neuschwanstein outside wandering the amazing grounds (more on why you can skip the inside below).

So, you just need to show up, get in the (long line) and get a ticket, right? WRONG

Getting your Disney Germany Castle tickets is quite the dance. You have two main options

1. Prebook your Nueschwanstetin Castle Tickets

One option is for you to book your tour in advance. WAY in advance. There are multiple things to know about booking your tickets

  • They often book out weeks, even months in advance (for high tourist seasons, like June)
  • You can’t purchase tickets within 2 days of your desired day. For example, if you are wanting to go on Wednesday, you’ll have to have them ordered online by no later than Sunday at 3pm
  • When you prebook, you don’t have physical tickets (yet), just a reservation. Upon arrival, you’ll need to go to a special line to receive your actual paper tickets. You MUST pick them up 1.5 hours before your actual tour time.
  • It will cost an addition € 1.80 per person to reserve your tickets online

Pro Tip: This means if you are taking the train, you need to book your tour for the late afternoon since you most likely won’t be getting to the castle before 12:30pm due train schedules

2. Show Up and Hope For a Spot

The problem with prebooking your tour is that you need to know your exact itinerary and times for travel well in advance and not every type of traveler does.
The problem with NOT pre-booking your ticket is that you run the risk of showing up and having no tickets available at all.

If you decide to risk it, know that you’ll need to plan on a lot of wait time. You might find yourself waiting in the ticket line for over an hour (often longer during high tourist times). Once you get your ticket, you might be told that the next available tour isn’t for 3 or 4 more hours.

 Oh No, I couldn’t Reserve a Ticket to Neuschwanstein. Now What!?

Fear, not my fellow procrastinator friends! I’ve been there. Done that. If you can’t get a ticket, you might be wondering if it is even worth it.


To be honest, most people argue that the outside of the castle is WAY more impressive and breathtaking than the short, 30 minute (rushed) tour of the inside of Neuschwanstein Castle anyway.

When we made the mistake of not booking ahead (for our entire family visiting us!) here is what we did instead.

  1. Go to Linderhof Palace in the morning. The inside of this nearby palace (about 1 hour away) is leaps and bounds more impressive than the Neuschwanstein castle interior (in my humble opinion of someone who has seen her fair share of German castles)
  2. Get to Neuschwanstein and get a ticket for Hohenschwangau (you can often still get these the day of, no problem)
  3. Walk the outside of Neuschwanstein. Explore all around the exterior, marveling at the sheer size. Feel your inner Disney fantasy to it’s fullest!
  4. Go the Marienbrucke for the most stunning views of the castle.
  5. Hike in the Gorge.  Right at the castle is a fantastic Gorge you can hike down into

The Linderhof Palace can take a full morning and then all of these things at Neuschwanstein can take you a few hours ( a little more if you do the gorge), leaving you with a completely full afternoon as well.

Tour Hohenschwangau

The inside of this castle is much more “lived in” and therefore feels more authentic inside compared to the inside of Neuschwanstein. The inside of Hohenschwangau and the outside of Neuschwanstein is the perfect day of castle sightseeing!

Neuschwanstein Ticket Prices

Single Tickets: Good for one adult, one castle
Combo TIckets: This ticket allows you to visit King Ludwig’s other Bavarian castles (Linderhof and Herrenchiemsee). You can visit these once within the next 6 months.
King’s Ticket: Visit the Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau Castles
Annual Season Pass: This is good for over 40 other sights in Bavaria good for one year
14 Day Ticket: This is the same ticket as the Annual, but only for a 14 day period. There are some nuances to this ticket, for example, Hohenschwangau is oddly not on the Annual or 14 Day Ticket.
Children: Kids under 18 are free to all Buildings of the Bavarian Palace Administration (note: this does not include Hohenschwangau)
NOTE: If you have a 14 Day or Annual Ticket, you still need to reserve a spot. Simply go to the following link. While your credit card info will be required, since you already have the other ticket, you won’t be charged

You can buy all tickets and see current pricing here 

Getting Up To The Castle

german castle neuschwanstein

To think, you are over halfway through this guide and guess what? We haven’t even gotten you UP to the castle yet!!!

That’s right, there is STILL more to figure out after you have your tickets in hand.

The castle is not right at the ticket office. You’ll have to make your way up, Up, UP a hill to actually arrive at the Sleeping Beauty Castle itself.

Pro Note: If you are not at the castle entrance by your designated ticket time, too bad. I’ve seen MANY tourists go through the hassle of pre booking tickets and everything else only to not plan accordingly on the time it takes to get up to the entrance and be turned away because they missed their tour time!
Plan on making your way up to the entrance of the castle about 30-45 minutes (if not more) early. If you get up there with time to spare, just wander around the beautiful outside, there are plenty of fantastic photo ops while you wait.

You’ve got three options.

Horse Drawn Carriage

What could be more romantic than a horse-drawn carriage up to one of the most magical castles in the world!?
While this sounds like a wonderful fairytale, know that you may have to wait in line for upwards of an hour, and the ride itself only takes about 15-20 minutes long. Funny enough, they won’t even take you all the way to the entrance. You’ll still have to walk about 10 minutes uphill from where the carriage stops. But hey…when in Rome….er, Neuschwanstein!

Near the Ticket Office, just follow the signs for the carriages. You’ll pay the driver directly (you’ll need cash, preferably exact). Last time I was there it was €6 per person for the ride up and €3/pp for the ride down.


If you’ve eaten one too many brats on your Germany trip, you may need a bit of exercise. This 30 minute walk is quite steep and you’ll be sharing the path with the horses. If you don’t mind the hike, it is actually a reallynice way to get up to the top.

Shuttle Bus

If the idea of hiking it to the top doesn’t sound appealing, there is a shuttle bus that takes you to the fantastic Marienbrucke. If you are looking up to the castle (from the ticket office) go to your right up the street lined with many shops. Towards the top of that street, you’ll see the bus stop and ticket stand (have cash and exact change). Know that during high tourist season, you may have to wait in line for several buses, so again, plan accordingly for time.

You can pay €2.50 Up. €1.50 Down or €3 Total for roundtrip for the shuttle to the castle.

At the Castle

bavaria neuschwanstein castle in the fall

If you have a ticket, there will be electronic screens showing the tours and times. This will let you know what time you can start lining up and again, you don’t want to miss your time! This platform is also a fantastic place for photos.

The Courtyard

germany neuschwanstein castle

You can go all the way into the courtyard without a paid ticket and still be rewarded with amazing views and sights of the castle. I love just wandering around and pretending like I’m back in some medieval time and all the tourists are peasants.

Neuschwanstein Castle Bridge

Some people call this the “Skywalk Neuschwanstein” but the Marienbrucke Bridge (Mary’s Bridge) can not be missed. It takes about 15-20 minutes to walk to from the castle entrance (or about 5 minutes from the shuttle bus drop off). This is one of my absolute favorite spots for absolutely breathtaking photos of the entire side of the castle. You can easily spend plenty of time just gazing at the scenery here.

Just know this is no secret photo op location. You’ll be sharing the bridge with ALL the other tourists and all their damn selfie sticks. Just be patient in getting a good vantage spot.

Other Insider and Pro Tips

Go On a Weekday

Like most tourist places, it’s usually advised to try to go during the weekday instead of the weekend. However, places like Nueschwanstein are going to be jam packed with tourists no matter what.

Arrive Late

Most people are going to tell you to go early.  However, I actually recommend going later in the afternoon. Again, MOST people are advised to go early, so guess when most people will be there!? If you do go in the morning, I recommend either having a car to get there VERY, very early (as early as possible) or spending the night before so you can get there ASAP.

While getting there at 4pm isn’t going to mean you have the castle and grounds to yourself, it will be a bit more thinned out. We took the last Hoheschwangau tour and the grounds were extremely quiet

(Fun fact: Patriots Football coach Bill Belichick was on our tour!! Whaaaat!? Ok, I actually don’t care about football, but my brother in law totally was star struck)

Don’t Go During the Summer

Guess when the high tourist season is? Again, by going in the off season, you are NOT going to be there by yourself but it is slightly better than when the kajillions of people are there in June, July, and August. However, October is an absolutely stunning time with all the changing foliage, November is a bit more quiet, and the winter months can be otherwordly as the snow drifts down. Spring can be a bit wet, but again, it’s a decent trade-off for avoiding the throngs of tourists.

Dress Appropriately

I don’t mean in the sense of wearing modest clothing. However, the seasons in Germany can be finicky, and remember you ARE in the foothills of the Alps! If you haven’t read my Know Before You Go To Germany post, you’ll find that one thing I always recommend having in your day bag is your umbrella…just in case!

In shoulder seasons, have an extra layer ready.  It may be chilly in the morning, but quite warm in the afternoon.

In the winter, it doesn’t get super freezing (read about my favorite times to visit Germany here), but you’ll still want your warm winter coat, probably some boots and you will be outside for quite a while, so layers are always a fantastic choice for Neuschwanstein in the winter.

In the summer, have sunscreen, water, and snacks for your long day out as well.

Finally, no matter the season, have reliable and comfortable shoes. You’ll be doing a lot of walking (possibly hiking if choosing to do the Gorge or the walk up the hill) and you don’t want your feet screaming at you in such a picture perfect location!

Take the Poellat Gorge Hike Down

Poellat Gorge
View of the Marienbrucke (bridge) from the bottom of the Gorge

It’s probably no shock that most people will just take one of the three ways from above in order to get back down from the castle. However, if you walk on the path between the castle and the Marienbrucke, you’ll see the entrance to the Gorge (sometimes closed, unfortunately, due to construction or weather). This is an easy “hike” down and through the Gorge. Not only is it beautiful, but you’ll also find this path less busy than the other ways to get back down.

Don’t Do a Guided Tour Inside Neuschwanstein

Ok, so I already mentioned this above and I know, I know, why the heck would you go through all this hassle to get to Neuschwanstein to NOT go inside!? That might be as insane as King Ludwig himself, right!? But, hear me out:

There are over 300 rooms of this enchanting palace. Guess how many you get to see on your tour?

14. FOURTEEN! That’s it. The rest was either never finished or not viewable to the public.

Remember those kajillion tourists with you on the bridge? Yeah, the castle is having to shuffle them all in and out of the palace in a day’s time. That means that most people leave the Neuschwanstein tour feeling extremely rushed and often disappointed.

Now, do you have the time to spare and you are able to prebook tickets still? Then yes, by all means, go inside. Just know that if you can’t get a tour, you’ll still have a magical experience at Neuschwanstein.

Where To Take the Best Pictures of Neuschwanstein

Are you wanting the best Insta worthy photos of Neuschwanstein possible? Photos are some of my favorite souvenirs of our travels and my Neuschwanstein photography ranks up there with my most prized and memorable. Here are some photo tips for Neuschwanstein

Fall Foliage

neuschwanstein castle autumn

I’ve already mentioned how breathtaking the turning colors of autumn can be at the castle. Depending on the year (temperatures, rain, etc) late September to late October will give you the best chances at bright, bold, and changing fall foliage with a truly charming feel.


neuschwanstein castle winter

Seeing the castle draped in white has a completely different feel than any other season. The problem with visiting during the winter for photography purposes is that most likely the Marienbrucke will be closed as well as other good vantage points due to snow and ice.

Read all about Visiting Neuschwanstein In the Winter here for more tips and important info. 

Sky Photos

Paragliding Neuschwanstein

No matter how hard you try to get those perfect shots, some of the most iconic ones are actually done from an ariel view. How can just a normal Joe like you get those? I went Paragliding over Neuschwanstein and the views (and photos) were more than I ever could have asked for.

There are also helicopter tours as well as small plane rides that will take you up and over the famous castle as well.

Castle To Marienbrucke Path

castle hohenschwangau germany

Whether you are walking from or to the castle, be sure to keep looking in all directions on this path, constantly looking out for a great view and shot.

This is also a great place to look out over to Hohenschwangau for picturesque views of the nearby castle, the lake, and Alps.


marienbrücke neuschwanstein vantage point

A not so secret spot for fantastic photos of the giant castle is from the Marienbrucke itself. You’ll have to fight the selfie sticks off for a spot, but once you do, it’s hard NOT to get a fantastic photo.

If you want to get away from the crowds a bit and get an even higher vantage point, go past all the tourists on the bridge and you’ll find a steep path to the top of a hill. From here, you can get an even more aerial view of the side of the castle.

Tegelbergbahn Cable Car

Just a short (5 min) drive away from the castle is the Tegelbergbahn. This is actually where you’ll go if you decide to go paragliding. However, even if you don’t love the adrenaline rush of flinging yourself off the sheer side of a mountain, the cable ride up gives phenomenal panoramic views of the castle. You’ll want a very good zoom camera though if you want to get a decent shot.

From Hohenschwangau

hohenschwangau neuschwanstein

I love the pictures of the mountains behind the castle. Again, you’ll want a good zoom lens, but I love taking photos looking up from below to show off the impressive size.

A Full Day Schloss Neuschwanstein Itinerary Example

Option 1 By Car ( from Munich):

(Note: This itinerary is great for the long, summer days. If going in off season, double check last tour times and adjust the schedule accordingly)

7-8am Wake Up Early
Stop in at any Backerei and pick up some pastries for breakfast (I’m partial to Quarktaschen personally) as well as something for lunch. A baguette sandwich, Leberkase, Kase Bretzen, etc will all do just fine. If you haven’t read about what Bavarian foods you must eat on your trip, do so now.

8-9am Stop at Starnberger See (Lake Starnberg)
This beautiful lake is the perfect place to stop for a few minutes to stretch your legs. Not that it’s a long drive (only about 40 minutes from Munich), but hey, it’s a good excuse to see some beautiful scenery, right?

Note: If you are going to be doing both Hohenschwangau and Neuschwanstein, you may not have time for this. However, if you are only going to do one of those tours, this could be a great, shortstop.

10am-1pm Go To Linderhof Palace
Plan on 1-3 hours at another one of King Ludwig’s palaces. The tour itself only takes about 30 minutes, but you’ll want to go to the cave, walk the grounds, and marvel at the stunning scenery all around.
It’s only about 1 hour to get to Linderhof from the lake (1.5 if coming straight from Munich)

Eat Lunch
Now is a good time to eat your packed lunch. There are surprisingly not a ton of great food options at Neuschwanstein and what is there is quite over priced, which is why bringing a lunch with you is such a great choice.


Head To Hohenschwangau
From Linderhof, you’ll be to Neuschwanstein castle (park in Hohenschwangau) in less than an hour. Go straight to the ticket office to either get in line for a ticket or to pick up your pre-ordered ticket.

4 pm Do the Schwangau Palace First
Schwangau Castle actually closes first (last tour time is 4pm) so do this tour before the Neuschwanstein tour.
Note: Book your ticket for around 4pm. This will give you enough time to do all your morning activities and be there in the required time (1.5 hours early) to pick up your prebooked ticket.

5:30 Take the Last Neuschwanstein Tour
You’ll want about 1.5 hours between Hohenschwangau and Neuschwanstein tours (this allows for walk time in between as well as the 35(ish) minute Hohenschwangau tour itself)

6pm Wander The Grounds
If you are visiting in the summer, hours of daylight are wonderfully long. By now, a lot of the crowds have thinned out, leaving it a great time to walk the courtyard, take photos from the Marienbrucke and even hike down the Gorge.

7pm Drive Back

Option 2 By Train (From Munich):

7-8am Wake Up Early.
Stop in at any Backerei and pick up some pastries for breakfast (I’m partial to Quarktaschen personally) as well as something for lunch. A baguette sandwich, Leberkase, Kase Bretzen, etc will all do just fine. If you haven’t read about what Bavarian foods you must eat on your trip, do so now.

Take the 9:52am Train.
If you are using the Bayern Ticket (valid after 9am on weekdays), the earliest train you’ll be able to take from Munich is the 9:52 arriving into Fussen at 11:55 (note: if you are traveling on the Bayern ticket on the weekend, you can take any regional train at any time.  You can read more about the Bayern Ticket here)

Take the Fussen To Hohenschwangau Bus

1pm Get in line to pick up your tickets
(Note: If you are prebooking your tickets, do not book them before 3pm so that you can ensure you are there for the required 1.5 hour pickup time prior to your time slot)

1pm-3pm (or time of tour) Wander The Grounds
Use your downtime to wander the beautiful castle grounds. Don’t forget the photo ops from the Marienbrucke and just walking the courtyard and surrounding areas.

3pm-3:30pm Take Your Neuschanstein Tour

4pm: Finish walking around and hike down the Gorge

7:04 Be at Fussen Train Station.
There is approximately 1 train an hour from Fussen to Munich (but not necessarily ON the hour- double check train times) Remember you’ll need to take the bus to Fussen, so plan your time accordingly to be at the Bahnhof on time.

9:40 Arrive back at Munich HBF

Note: You’ll notice that if you take the train, it is extremely hard to squeeze in Hohenschwangau as well, simply due to the timings of the trains and everything else. The last tour (in the summer) of Hohenschwangau is 4pm. Combine the times of train arrivals, needing to be at the ticket office 1.5 hours prior to your tour time of Neuschwanstein, etc and it is hard to get it all in.

Hotels Near Neuschwanstein Castle: Where To Stay


This is probably one of your best options for where to stay near Neuschwanstein. It’s a charming little town to stop into for a night (but not much more than that) Because of it’s proximity to Neuschwanstein, you can expect some higher prices.

Hotel Sonne: This 4 Star Hotel is charming and unique with each room having different themes and is just minutes from the castle. Breakfast is comprised of a fantastic buffet with local specialties like Allgau cheese.  Check Availability and Pricing Here.

Hotel Schlosskrone: If you want a true prince or princess trip, stay at this spa hotel, complete with a Finnish sauna and hot tubs. Enjoy a Bavarian breakfast in the morning before getting to the nearby castle.  Check Availability and Pricing Here


Sitting literally at the foot of Neuschwanstein is the tiny town of Hohenschwangau. Due to its proximity (and small size) it is often hard to find availability here.

Hotel Garni Schlossblick: A bit friendlier on your budget, but a great option if wanting to stay right in town. Simple, but everything you need and nothing you don’t. Check Current Prices Here

AMERON Neuschwanstein Alpsee Resort & Spa: Take in views from the castle right from your own room! Then go spend the rest of the day indulging at the fantastic spa at this resort right below the castle. Check Availability and Pricing Here


A Neuschwanstein Castle day trip from Munich is so easy and with so much to do in Munich, it’s easy to make that a home base for other travels in Bavaria.


This fantastic resort town is only about an hour from Neuschwanstein. If you are planning any time in the Bavarian Alps (the Zugspitze- the highest mountain in Germany is located here), then Neuschwanstein is the perfect day trip.

Visiting Neuschwanstein FAQs

Where is Neuschwanstein Castle?

Neuschwanstein is in the Bavarian State of Germany, which is in the Southeast part of the country. It is less than a 2 hour drive from Munich or about a 2.5 hour train/bus ride from Munich. 

How much time do you need at Neuschwanstein Castle?

The actual tours for the castle are only about 35 minutes. However, if you have pre-booked tickets, you need to arrive at the ticket office a minimum of 1.5 hours before your reserved time. It’s also worth noting that it takes about 20-30 minutes to get up to the castle from the parking lot or ticket office (by walking, bus, or carriage). You’ll also want at least an hour to visit the Marienbrucke, courtyard and outside of the castle.
If you plan on visiting Hohenschwangau, you’ll want to add about 1.5 hours on to plan for that 35-minute tour plus walk time between the castles.

Is Neuschwanstein Castle Worth Visiting

Absolutely!!!! Even though it is very touristy, that doesn’t mean that it is not iconic and absolutely gorgeous! There is also so much to do in the area (like going Tobaggoning on the Longest Rodelbahn Route in the Allgäu in the winter, hiking in the summer, and so much more if you want to extend your time in the area a bit)

Is it worth going INTO Neuschwanstein Castle

Yes and No. The tour is short and rushed and the inside of nearby Hohenschwangau is arguably better. However, many people feel that it is a waste to go all that way and NOT to go inside. A perfect balance, in my opinion, is to do the inside of Hohenschwangau and all the outside of Neuschwanstein.

Was Neuschwanstein Castle Finished?

No, King Ludwig died when only a little of the interior had been finished.  All but about 14 rooms still remain unfinished today.

Can You Visit Neuschwanstein Castle without a tour?

You can not go inside the castle without a tour. However, all of the grounds, the Marienbrucke, courtyard, viewing platform, and Gorge are all free with no ticket needed.

What are the Neuschwanstein ticket prices?

To just tour Neuschwanstein castle, it is 13 Euro per adult. Children 18 and under are free. Click here to see a full list of prices and ticket options, such as combo tickets for other castles.

How Long is Neuschwanstein Castle Tour

35-45 minutes.  Many tours are now being held only by audioguide (but you still need tickets and a reserved time) 

Can you walk from Fussen to Neuschwanstein?

Technically? Yes. There is a nice path most of the way but it will take you over an hour to walk compared to just a short bus drive.

Can you take pictures inside of Neuschwanstein

neuschwanstein castle inside

No. You can’t take pictures inside both Neuschwanstein or Hohenschwangau

Can You Stay at Neuschwanstein

Wouldn’t that be a true fairytale dream come true!? But no. The castle is only used for guided tours today. There are hotels in the town below the castle of Schwangau as well as nearby Fussen.

When is high tourist season at Neuschwanstein

Typically Summer through early fall (starting in June through September)

What is the best place for photos at Neuschwanstein

Arguably the Marienbrucke but I also love the viewing platform as well.  Paragliding gives fantastic aerial views as well.

Is Neuschwanstein stroller friendly?

If you can babywear, I highly recommend it for visiting Neuschwanstein with kids. You won’t have to worry about hauling a stroller in the shuttle bus (or shoving it up the steep hill) and won’t have to battle the stairs inside the castle itself.  I do not recommend a stroller inside the castle.

Does Neuschwanstein have wheelchair access

While it is quite difficult, visiting Neuschwanstein is possible in a wheelchair and it is absolutely necessary to book in advance so that accommodations can be made. The shuttle buses are wheelchair accessible but they do not drop off right at the entrance and direct road access is not possible. A separate entrance will need to be used and then an elevator in the castle can be used for people with disabilities.

Can you park at Neuschwanstein?
No, you’ll park in Hohenschwangau for a small fee (choose lot P4 if you want the shuttle bus) which is close to the ticket office. It is then a steep walk, horse-drawn carriage ride, or short shuttle ride to the castle.

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