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Wander In Germany: Travel to Germany is a travel podcast full of practical tips and advice to help you plan your trip to Germany. Travel expert and American living in Germany Expat, LeAnna Brown, helps you plan your trip to Germany with ease! We’ll highlight the major destinations of travel in Germany, share off the beaten path secrets, as well as give you real, honest, genuine, and practical advice and tips for you to plan your own memorable trip.

From interviews with special guests to answering YOUR own questions I’m here to make sure that you feel excited, confident, and prepared for your own trip to Germany.

Learn how to create your own itinerary that includes enchanting castles, fun beer halls, quaint towns, and plenty of delicious food!

My goal with WanderInGemrany is to provide you with every single detail possible from my own experience of living in and exploring Germany for the past 10 years so that you can plan the perfect trip for YOUR travel style and needs. I hope that you fall in love with the beauty and culture of Germany the same way myself and my family has!

Grab that Lederhosen, crank up the polka music, and pour yourself a Bier. It’s time to Wander In Germany with LeAnna Brown!

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Recent Episodes

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Episode 3: Best Time To Visit Germany

On this episode, LeAnna walks you through each season in Germany and the pros and cons to visiting during that time for each.

Wander In Germany Podcast photo cover. Episode 2 Germany Trip Planning Know Before You Go written on right hand side. Photo of LeAnna Brown from Wander In Germany standing inside a door frame of the Bamberg Castle

Episode 2: What You Need To Know BEFORE Visiting Germany

Tourists often get put off by a few things they weren’t expecting when they first visit Germany. Be prepared by listening to this so that instead of feeling frustrated you will choose to embrace the cultural differences!

Episode 1: Welcome to the Wander In Germany Podcast

The very first episode of the Travel in Germany Podcast introduces you to your new Germany travel planning bestie, your host, LeAnna Brown

Blue background with black text of Wander in Germany Podcast with photo of LeAnna Brown wearing headphones and smiling

Episode 0: Wander In Germany Podcast Trailer

Watch the episode trailer or have a listen to learn what to expect on the brand new Wander In Germany (Travel in Germany) Podcast!


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Planning a Germany Vacation?

Wander In Germany isn’t just another blog, it’s like your trusted friend helping you all along the way as you plan a trip to Germany! As an American Expat living in Germany for over 10 years, I know a thing or two about “Germany Off the Beaten Path,” and have tips for traveling in Germany that you won’t find anywhere else and EVERYTHING I recommend is something I personally have done, vetted, researched and can vouch for.

I moved to Germany because I simply love it here and I hope I can spread some of that love to you as you find some of the best things to do in Germany and create a truly authentic and memorable trip of a lifetime!

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About Your Host: LeAnna Brown

LeAnna Brown Germany Travel Blogger

While not a native to Germany, LeAnna Brown DOES call Bavaria her second home now after living in Regensburg for almost 10 years.

Germany, its culture, the food, the drinks, and the sights captured LeAnna’s heart so much after backpacking in Germnay in her 20’s that she and her husband decided to give living there a try, all while exploring as much of the country, cobblestone streets, mountains, and lifestyle as possible!

While becoming experts in budget, couple and solo travel in Germany was the focus for the first many years, Andy and LeAnna now know a thing or two about Traveling to Germany with Kids as they’ve added to the family over time and raise the next generation of explorers and world travelers.

When not adding more and more content to the Wander In Germany Travel Blog and Podcast, you can probably find LeAnna eating delicious German cheeses (Soooo yum!!!) and pairing them with local wines, chasing around raising 3 kiddos, hiking in the Alps, having a board game night with friends, lounging at a local lake on the weekends, or watching the entire series of Parks and Rec for the 100th time.

Favorite German Food: Dürüm Doner (Ok, Ok! I know it’s not totally German!!!! So I’ll also answer Rahmschwammerl or Kurbsis Creme Supper)

Favorite Towns to Visit: Regensburg (ok, I’m biased!!), Bamberg, or Mittenwald. Berlin for city vibes

Favorite German Bier: Anything “Dunkles”- I love the Kupfer Spezial and the Prösslbräu Adlersberg Palmator!

Favorite Fest/ Christmas Market: Fest: Any Almabtrieb in the Alps!! Christmas Market: The “Waldwipfelweg”