Wander In Germany Podcast Episode 1: What is the WIG Podcast and Meet Your Host

LeAnna Brown, host of the Wander In Germany Travel Podcast holding up a pretzel with the words next to it Episode 1 Wilkommen to the WIG Podcast. Meet your host and Get to Know the Show


Episode 1: Meet Your Host; LeAnna Brown

Are you planning a trip to Germany and feeling overwhelmed with questions, unsure about where to start? Perhaps you’re missing out on the authentic experiences and local insights that could make your journey truly memorable.

Join LeAnna Brown, Germany travel expert, expat living in Germany, and founder of the #1 Germany Travell Blog, Wander In Germany as she begins her Germany Travel Podcast Journey. Today, we set the stage and scene to let you know exactly what to expect from the jam packed, info filled, insider podcast for Wander In Germany Travel.

Imagine missing out on the best Germany has to offer because you lack the insider knowledge. In this episode, we’ll uncover the secrets to planning an authentic, genuine, and unique trip to Germany. Whether you’re a solo traveler, a couple, or a family, we’ve got you covered.


👉How LeAnna’s love affair with Germany began at 14, leading eventually to MOVING to Germany

👉The hidden gems of Bavaria, LeAnna’s favorite German region, and why it’s a must-visit.

👉 The surprising twists in LeAnna’s journey, from initially planning a short stay to building a life in Germany and how that insider information can benefit YOU while planning your own amazing trips to Germany

👉 A sneak peek into the exciting topics lined up for the Wander in Germany podcast’s first season.

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