Wander In Germany: Travel in Germany Podcast Episodes Full List

Episode 3: Best Time To Visit Germany

On this episode, LeAnna walks you through each season in Germany and the pros and cons to visiting during that time for each.

Wander In Germany Podcast photo cover. Episode 2 Germany Trip Planning Know Before You Go written on right hand side. Photo of LeAnna Brown from Wander In Germany standing inside a door frame of the Bamberg Castle

Episode 2: What You Need To Know BEFORE Visiting Germany

Tourists often get put off by a few things they weren’t expecting when they first visit Germany. Be prepared by listening to this so that instead of feeling frustrated you will choose to embrace the cultural differences!

Episode 1: Welcome to the Wander In Germany Podcast

The very first episode of the Travel in Germany Podcast introduces you to your new Germany travel planning bestie, your host, LeAnna Brown

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Episode 0: Wander In Germany Podcast

Watch the episode trailer or have a listen to learn what to expect on the brand new Wander In Germany (Travel in Germany) Podcast!