Trachten: The Traditional Outfits for Oktoberfest (And what to wear for Oktoberfest as a tourist)

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Close your eyes.  Think of Germany.  What do you see?

clothes Oktoberfest

Surely, you envisioned men’s Lederhosen, free flowing beer, and pretzels the size of your face, right?  

Well, that isn’t Germany.  That is BAVARIA! (and arguably only some parts of the Free State, to be completely honest).

But, that is honestly one of the reasons why I love living in (Southern) Bavaria; it is so utterly stereotypical with beer gardens, fests, and where it’s not uncommon to see someone in a traditional Bavarian dress.

But, coincidently, it wasn’t always this way, even in Bavaria, but more on that in a bit.  Right now, you are probably just wondering how to dress for Oktoberfest.  What is considered proper Oktoberfest clothing and will people legit be wearing Lederhosen and Dirndls?  Let’s dive in!

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Normally, you do NOT want to come to me for fashion advice.  I mean, have you seen my Instagram!?  I am far from those picture perfect, posed, cute with a hat and sundress gals. Nope, you will find me in the same black leggings and nursing top (probably with baby spit up) time and time again. I’d like to joke that I own more than a few pairs of pants, but that would just be a bold faced lie.

BUT, traditional Bavarian outfits (Trachten)? THAT is something I actually love (and know a lot about!) I may only have one pair of jeans in my closet but I have not 1 traditional dirndl dress, but 3 (and am in the market for another now that baby #3 only wanted me to eat pizza throughout my pregnancy) but I also have a Lederhosen for women (yes, that’s a thing, also!) 

So, if you are planning your Oktoberfest trip and you are wondering what to wear for Oktoberfest, I’ll go into all the different options you have!

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Option 1: Trachten (Traditional Bavarian Outfits Such as Lederhosen and Dirndls)

how to dress for oktoberfest

I’ll go into plenty of detail on all of this in a minute such as where to buy Lederhosen in Munich for Oktoberfest and what to look for (please, please please….stay away from Amazon’s Oktoberfest costumes!!!) but here are a few questions I get asked a lot about traditional German clothing:

“Do Germans actually wear Lederhosen?”

YES! However, there’s a few caveats to that!

  1. Lederhosen and Dirndls are not everywhere in Germany.  In fact, they aren’t even everywhere in Bavaria (where they are seen most).  You’ll most likely only see Trachten in the more Southern parts of Bavaria (for example, in Nuremburg, you won’t see hardly anyone in Trachten at their local Volksfests) 
  2. Tracthen is worn for special events, not so much on an errand to the grocery store. Today, in parts of Bavaria, you’ll see people dressed in Trachten for things such as very special birthday parties, weddings, and of course…FESTS! 
  3. Trachten is only making a recent comeback.  If you look back to photos of Oktoberfest in even the early 1900s, almost nobody is wearing Tracthen! For decades, Tracthen kind of fell by the wayside (it used to be seen as the “peasants” everyday clothing), but in about the last 50 or so years, many younger Bavarians have wanted to get more back into their roots and have revived these gorgeous outfits. It spread like wildfire and now in most of Southern Bavaria, at just about any fest or special occasion, you’ll see plenty of people wearing their beautiful Dirndls and Lederhosen. 

“Is it ok for tourists to wear Lederhosen (and Dirndls)” 

Now, I am not a born and raised Bavarian, but I’ve lived here for plenty of time and have asked countless of my Bavarian friends this very question.  After all, in the day and age we are in, nobody wants to appropriate culture! But, what we see as Tracht today is actually a modernized twist on the many different traditional regional Tracthen outfits.  This is probably why most Germans don’t feel like it’s rude or even cultural appropriation to wear a Lederhosen or Dirndl even if you aren’t Bayerisch. 

“Will I look tacky wearing Lederhosen at Oktobefest?” 

Not even in the slightest! The only way you’ll look tacky is if you forego the more authentic Oktoberfest outfits (that you should get locally in Bavaria) and decide to wear something like a Halloween Dirndl or Lederhosen costume that you get for cheap online.  If it looks like this or even this…run!

While Oktoberfest is considered one of the most touristy fests in Germany, that doesn’t mean that locals still don’t attend! In fact, out of the 6 Million+ visitors each year, about 90% are all still German!!! Now, you won’t see them at places like the Hofbrau Tent (read my Best Tents at Oktoberfest to find out where the locals go) but the wide majority of them will be wearing Lederhosen and Dirndls! 

Option 2: Normal Clothing

oktoberfest what to wear
Mr WanderInGermany wearing normal clothes to Oktoberfest

Even though wearing Tracht won’t make you stand out or even look like a tacky tourist (IF you follow my directions below!) some people don’t want to drop the wad of cash it takes to buy the full German Oktoberfest attire, and that is just fine!  Wear what you would normally wear on a day out on your travels. (If you haven’t read my Packing for Germany Guide, that will be a good place to start)

While weather in September in Germany is generally pretty nice (expect averages to be around 50-60°F- give or take), it IS Bavaria, so that means be ready for rain at any given moment! Here is what to wear to Oktoberfest if you don’t plan on Lederhosen’ it up:

  • Layers!  Always, always wear layers in Germany! 
  • Short-Sleeve Shirt With a Sweater: It may start off cool in the morning, warm up in the afternoon, and rain somewhere in between! It might be nice or even chillier outside but it will warm up inside the tents, where you’ll want to peel off some layers.
  • Comfortable Pants: While I’m obviously a fan of weatherproof clothing, really anything comfortable goes at Oktoberfest. If you want to wear jeans, khaki pants, leggings….whatever! I would just avoid shorts (both for weather-wise but also, shorts just aren’t very common in Europe) 
  • Waterproof Jacket: You’ll want a jacket layer no matter what, but if you want to maximize your packing, then make it a waterproof one, just in case rain is in the forecast. 
  • Comfortable Shoes: You will most likely be on your feet a lot, so make sure that whatever you wear is comfy. However, while I normally swear by good, quality shoes when traveling, this (and Fasching/Karneval) is an exception. Just in case beer is spilled or someone, God forbid, has a bit too much beer near you and can’t quite, er, keep it down, then you’ll want shoes you can trash after the fest.

I will say this, think of what Lederhosen and Dirndls look like.  They are often on the nicer side of clothing. While nobody is going to look twice at you for wearing a t-shirt and hoody (although that is very, very uncommon in Europe in general), the more “sharp” looking the more you’ll fit in.

German Lederhosen

lederhosen men

Is it just me, or when a guy has on a proper Lederhosen, doesn’t he just look so dapper (do the cool kids say dapper anymore??)

While it may seem pretty straightforward, there are some things you should know if you are going to buy a Lederhosen for Oktoberfest.  First, there are the main components:

  • The Lederhosen: The actual, leather pants
  • Button Up Shirt
  • Wool Socks
  • Trachten Shoes

But, depending on the styles, colors, and more, there are some secret codes and unspoken rules in many of these parts of the men’s Lederhosen!

The Pants

Obviously, you want to shy (no, run) away from anything that is not genuine leather.  Even though you just may be buying this for one Oktoberfest, a quality pair of Lederhosen can last years (decades!) 

1) First you need to decide on which length of pants you want:

  • Bundhosen: This is probably the most popular style today.  The Bundhosen goes just below the knees, to about calf length
  • Lederhosen: Traditional Lederhosen actually goes just above the knees.  Plenty of men still wear this style and in fact, this is what was more common originally
  • Plattlerhosen: “Who likes short shorts? Germans like short shorts!”  (Please tell me you sang that!) If you’ve never seen a Schuplattertanz  (or what I like to call the “Whipping Boys Dance”) it is quite the show as they use their pants, shoes, and whips to create the percussion and beat to the music for their traditional dance. This style of lederhosen is typically pretty short on the thigh and often in blackened leather

2) To Suspender It Up Or Not (and what the suspenders mean!)

Most people don’t know this fact, but the suspenders and belts of a Men’s Lederhosen actually tells a lot about that man- particularly where he is from.  For example, if you go to Munich, most of the suspenders will have a section that goes across the chest.  This is typical for the area of Munich.  However, head even just an hour North of Munich, and a traditional lederhosen from the Oberpfalz region of Bavaria actually will have a “V” design on the front.

And then the further South you get, particularly in the Tirol regions of the Alps, you’ll find beautiful hand embroidered Lederhosen with gorgeous decorations.  In fact, one of my favorite things to do at the Almabtriebs in the fall (which is another FANTASTIC Festival in Germany Other Than Oktoberfest) is watch the women hand embroider the sturdy belts with goose feathers!!!

As a tourist, this isn’t going to matter too much to you, but if you are living in Germany or even have ancestors from Bavaria, it is fun to learn these little nuances to have the most authentic Lederhosen you can.  

The Shirt

You have several options for shirt colors and styles as well for Men’s lederhosen.

Blue Checkered: When my husband got his first Lederhosen set, they told him that the blue checkered shirts symbolized Bavaria (which has the blue checkered design on the State’s flag as well). If you are from Bavaria, this is one of the most popular color choices.

Oktoberfest dirndle and lederhosen traditional

Red Checkered: Probably the next most common color choice is the red checkered shirt.  I’ll just be completely honest here and say I have no idea if the color has any symbolic meaning, but I’m sure it does, because I feel like most things do here!!!

Green Checkered: Basically the same as the red shirt.  This color has become more common in recent years, particularly if it goes well with any design on your Lederhosen.

White Button Up: One look that is becoming more and more popular, is the very sharp looking white, button up, collared shirt. Some of this may have small embroidery on them, again, typically in a local, regional style or design. 

The Right Socks and Shoes

If you REALLY want to look the part, be sure to get a pair of Lederhosen Socks and Shoes.  Yes, there are specific ones you need!

The Socks:

  1. Loferls: These aren’t socks, but are essential to the shorter (Plattler) Lederhosen looks! These little “calf warmers” are traditionally worn at the thickest part of the calf and then your shoes will have a little socklet type thing inside of it. They key here though is that if you are wearing a Loferl, you MUST wear a traditional shoe as well (don’t even think about putting on your own loafers) and no, do NOT wear your own, cotton socks in addition to the shoes.
  2. Wool Socks: The other option is to get the traditional, 100% wool socks.  They actually come in quite the assortment of patterns, lengths, and even designs.  You really can’t go wrong with these.

The Shoes

Next up, are the proper shoes.  If you are really pinching pennies, you could probably get by with a very high quality brown loafer to accompany your Lederhosen, but you’ll still look like you are just “missing something” without a traditional Lederhosen shoe! These are usually in differing shades of brown and will match your Lederhosen. They are really sturdy, thick soled shoes that will stand the test of time. 

Total Cost of an Authentic Lederhosen: Expect to pay a minimum of about 150 Euro for a quality of of Lederhosen (just the pants)

Most quality stores will have a small discount if you purchase a whole set, which will usually run closer to €250.  Typically, the set comes with the:

  • Lederhosen pants of your choice
  • Shirt of your choice
  • Socks
  • Shoes

Optional Accessories/ Looks 

If you want to really up your Oktoberfest Lederhosen game, there are even a few more items that you can tack on to the above staples to really look like a true Bavarian.

Hat (and pins and feathers!)

Gamsbart German Hats For Oktoberfest

A fedora style (often wool) hat is a very popular accessory to add to your Lederhosen look. There will often be a feather attached to the outside. The color choice of the hat is pretty much up to you.

However, if you want to really look high class, you can wear a Gamsbart, which is a very special hat that has a plume made out of either Chamoix or boar hairs.  The bigger the plume, the higher nobility you would have been! I will say though that often it is the old men who are a part of the very special “Stammtisch” groups (an informal, meeting held regularly) that wear these and you don’t see many younger men wearing the big plumes. 


You are going to look SPIFFY in one of these bad boys! You usually don’t see men wearing a vest unless they are at a pretty special occasion, but at Oktoberfest you aren’t going to look out of place wearing one by any stretch of the imagination, so if you think you look dashing and charming wearing one (which you probably do….they have that effect on men!) and your inner Bavarian wants one, then go for it!

Tip: If you wear a vest, you probably won’t wear suspenders

Wool Jackets

You really never know what the weather at Oktoberfest is going to be, but on those colder or damper days, having a nice, wool jacket to go with your Lederhosen is the perfect addition to round out your look.

Charivari (Trinket Belts)

Traditionally, these metal belts held a lot of meaning and significance for the person wearing them.  Remember, Lederhosen were actually the everyday clothing of peasants. The men would make a belt depicting a successful hunt, for example, each little trinket telling the story of how their excursion went, what they successfully hunted, etc. 

Wearing a Dirndl: The Traditional Bavarian Dress

traditional german dress oktoberfest

Where to even start with the gorgeous German dress for Oktoberfest (well, any Southern Bavarian Fest). There is something absolutely magical about the German Dirndl. It doesn’t matter your shape or size. You put on this miracle working dress and DAAAAAAMN GURL, you lookin’ fine! (No, seriously, what kind of witches magic is behind this dress!?) 

Basically, a Dirndle consists of 

  • A blouse that makes any pair of boobs look spectacular
  • A dress
  • An apron

But, just like the Lederhosen, there are some things we need to know about buying a Dirndl, so let’s dig in!

The Traditional Dirndl Dress

I think you should always start with this piece first and build around the dress. It’s pretty much completely up to you to choose the color and styles of your Dirndl.

First, you’ll want to choose the length.  

If you don’t want to look like a Halloween costume, I’d steer clear from anything above the knee. The most popular silhouette is probably just at or below the knee length. These seriously look fantastic on EVERYONE! Finally, there are the long Dirndls, but those are usually worn more with older women or people working the beer halls. 

Next, Choose The Design/ Color Scheme

Like I mentioned, there are close to endless colors and “looks” to a Dirndl.  Pick whichever one you love! Simple as that! My first Dirndl, I went with a brown dress, which purple accents and loved it. That was my “Party Dirndl!”  My second Dirndl was a gorgeous satin blue with creamy beige lace designs! I felt so fancy and beautiful in that one!

Unless you are buying a custom designed (AKA SUPER pricey) Dirndl, then most come as a set with an Apron so that they coordinate flawlessly. (more on the aprons in a bit though)

Pro Tip: If you don’t want to buy multiple Dirndl Dresses but still have a variety of looks, buy one dress and then get a couple of aprons to mix and match the look!

Insider Tip: Use Your Hair Color To Pick Your Dirndl Color!
Supposedly, you can get really glamous looks if you play up your natural features! Use your hair color to narrow down what colors of dresses may look particularly radiant on you:
Blonde Hair: Do you have any underlying shades? If so, play those up.  Otherwise, blue and green go great with blond hair
Brown Hair: Natural tones like browns as well as pink and red are great for brown hair
Black Hair: Pastel colors really pop with people with black hair!
Red Hair: Jewel tones look amazing with red hair

How To Wear Your Apron

oktoberfest dress

Yup! There are specific ways you’ll “need” to wear your apron to truly fit in! Forget the Bro Code, these are the “Bow Codes!” 

Tie Your Bow On Your Left Hip: You are single and ready to mingle

Tie Your Bow On Your Right Hip: Sorry fellas, I’m taken! (Fun fact: did you know that most Germans wear their wedding rings on their right hand, not their left- a diamond on your left actually just means you are engaged. Moving it to the right shows you’ve sealed the deal- same concept for your bow) 

Tie Your Bow In Front: You are a virgin (you can also choose on your left if this applies to you) or a child.

Tie Your Bow On Your Back: You are widowed (or sometimes also for waitresses)

Tips for Buying the Perfect Dirndl (and what to look for)

Be Form Fitting But Comfortable

Let’s just be completely honest here….. after several Maß of beers, this bad boy WILL feel tight.  The top is almost corset like and after a few giant Pretzels and several liters of beer, you will find it a bit difficult to breathe!

So, you want to strike the perfect balance of the bodice of the dress being form fitting with still enough wiggle room for some delicious Bavarian foods and drinks. 
Pro Tip: When I got my first Dirndl, the lady helping me out told me that I should be able to fit about 2 fingers (sideways) quite snuggly near the ribcage on your side. Not too loose, not too tight! 

How Do You Put It On

The two main ways are to be zipped up or to be laced up. I’ve had both styles and take it from me, zippering is sooo much faster and easier! Granted, the lace up front one allowed me a bit more wiggle room after I had baby #2 to let it out just a bit more. 

Pockets Are a Girls Best Friend

Diamonds are a girls best friend!? NAH! Have you ever worn a dress with pockets???? Yeah. Amazing.

And since you are very limited on what you can bring for bags into Oktoberfest, Dirndls with pockets are a MUST to be able to stash your phone and cash in!

While not every Dirndl has pockets, I highly recommend putting that at the top of your priority list when trying on different ones. 

Choosing a Gorgeous Dirndl Blouse

The fun is far from over. The Dirndl blouse is a dizzying decision to make! First, you need to know that these are like half shirts! Without your dress on, you are just going to look like you are wearing a reaaaaally fancy bra (I mean, with sleeves, but still, the point is that this is all just for aesthetics here.)

Pro Tip: In recent years, wearing a dirndl without a blouse has become a great way to stay cooler on hot days.  If you want that option, choose a Dirndl neckline that is straight across so that the girls are covered more and you can just simply wear the dress without a blouse underneath,which can change up your look quite easily! It looks like a beautiful tank top dress then!

There are countless styles of blouses.

  • Some are going to show those gals off real good, while others will be more modest. 
  • Some are short sleeved, some are three-quarters length, some are capped sleeved
  • Some are cotton, some are lace
  • Some are ruffled and have puffy shoulders. Others are simple and plain

You completely get to choose what style of blouse you want under your Dirndl.  With my first dress, I went with just a very simple, short-sleeved, cotton blouse. I typically wear more of a modest style of clothing and I got a kick out of this old, German lady telling me that I needed one that showed off the goods and that that’s how everyone (no matter their age) wore them! For my second Dirndl, I chose a similar style as my first, but since my DIrndl had beautiful lace detailing, I chose to go with a  lace blouse to complement that look that time around.  I’m now in the market for a third one (what can I say, I’ve had one too many beers….well, and 3 kids!) and this time around, I think I’d love to try out a longer sleeve style, just to switch things up a bit.

Total Cost for a Dirndl Set: You can get pretty decent Dirndl dresses and sets for as low as around 80 Euro (which will include all of the above pieces) but any lower than that, and it will start to look more costumey. Alternatively, Dirndl prices can go as high as several hundred Euro, especially if you customize your pieces. 

Accessorizing Your Traditional Bavarian Dress (Oktoberfest Style!)

how to dress for oktoberfest

The dress, blouse, and apron are the essentials but you can always go all out with some of the fun accessories to help amp up your look!

What Shoes To Wear With Dirndls

Today, you’ll see all sorts of shoes being worn with Dirndls! Honestly, I say go with whatever is the most comfortable! I love wearing ballet flats, like this, with mine, some women will wear heels (how!?) that have more of a Mary Jane style, like this, and others look super modern and stylish with Converse style shoes

Cardigan or Wool Jacket

Again, you seriously never know what the weather is going to be like in Bavaria.  You can buy the beautiful wool jackets at the Trachten stores, or if you are trying to do Oktoberfest on a budget, you can always just wear a coordinating cardigan or sweater as well (that’s what I do). Get a simple looking cardigan, but one that compliments the colors of your dress, so that it doesn’t detract from the beauty of the Dirndl when wearing it. 

Oktoberfest Purse

Remember, you can only bring in bags that are less than 3 liters, so you are limited on where to put your belongings.  This is why some women bring adorable Oktoberfest purses, like ones in the shape of pretzels or Lebkuchen (gingerbread).  Otherwise, just a simple, small clutch bag,like this one, or a slinky over the shoulder purse works great and goes beautifully with your Dirndl. 


Many women will wear beautiful necklaces that compliment that German theme. For example, an Edelweiss necklace is very common, and the “Choker necklace” look, like this Edelweiss one, is also pretty popular. Another really cute look is with a (not tacky looking) Pretzel necklace, like these

A Dirndl Bra

Yes, this is legit a thing!!! When the sales lady told me that for the maximum effect, I should get a special Dirndl Bra, I was like whaaaaat!? Basically, you want those girls looking as pushed up and perky as ever!!! If you don’t want to get one of the special ones, then a really good, plunge push up bra can also do the job. 

Name Pin (Glupperl)

The word “Glupperl” is Bayerisch for “Clothes Pin.” Originally, the waitstaff would have a clothespin on their clothes that they would clip orders to to take back to the kitchens.  Over time, many started putting their names on their pins so that their customers could get to know them and that is why we have the Weisn Glupperl today! You don’t even need to be able to carry 13 beers at a time to be granted permission to wear one! You can get customized ones at the Weisn. 

Hair Styles

You’ll see plenty of women with hair in a variety of braids, but this is not a “Must Have” kind of look. If you are like me and are hair braiding ill equipt, you can get easy hair braiding tools to help you achieve those gorgeous looks. I typically like to do a side braid if I’m feeling lazy, a halo braid if I’m feeling fancy, or just a simple one sided crown braid with everything else pulled back into a low bun. The only braids I warn to stay away from are the pigtails- have you caught onto the theme of “costume looks” yet?

Or, just wear your hair however you like it! Up, down, pony….whatever! Again, the Dirndls are so beautiful, that you’ll look fantastic no matter what! 

Lederhosen for Women

lederhosen women
At our local Volksfest in our village

If you aren’t into dresses, then another Oktoberfest female outfit is actually a Women’s Lederhosen set and I’m not going to lie, I LOVE these looks!!! Depending on how you style it, it can look downright comfy compared to a Dirndl or even very feminine looking if you dress it up. 

Todays, modern women’s Lederhosen is similar to the men’s descriptions up above, but a few things that women do differently are:

Pick the Plattlerhosen

These are the shorter style of Lederhosen.  In fact, many Trachten stores even have their own line of female Lederhosen, some that have beautiful embroidery, or flower designs and fit the female body better. 

Skip the Suspenders

While suspenders are an option, this just looks very “Lederhosen costume” on women. 

Choose a Top

Oktoberfest Shirts


A very common look women will go for is to still stick to the traditional colors of blue or red checkered shirts, but the blouses are often a button up top that has shoulder straps in addition to a small, puffy sleeve, or off the shoulder sleeve. However, there are some stunning similar styled ones that are more floral looking or with other designs that you can try on at the stores.  Some will lace up the front or the back, which gives plenty of wiggle room for that extra beer or schnitzel you’ve been eyeing as well! Otherwise, you can choose just a nice, checkered top, like the one in the photo of my sister, who just couldn’t come to a fest and NOT be dressed to impress! Alternatively, just like the men’s Lederhosen, a nice, white button up top looks classy as well. 


Some women pull off the ladies lederhosen look flawlessly with a great heel! Or, get a good wool sock and pair it with a great ankle boot. And of course, flats work just fine as well. 

Oktoberfest On a Budget Tip: If you are looking to save some cash but still want to look the part, go to an authentic Oktoberfest outfit store in Munich and just buy a Trachten top! You can pair it with jeans and look great!

Whatever women’s Oktoberfest outfit you decide on, you are going to look amazing! 

Where To Buy Authentic Lederhosen and Dirndl in Munich 

dirndl shop munich

If you are looking for “authentic Oktoberfest outfits” then it is just best for you to go to one of the many Munich Lederhosen stores.  This way, you can try different ones and styles on and make sure you have the perfect Oktoberfest clothing. This also ensures you have the right fit as well.  

Moser Tracthen

I actually have gotten all of my Dirndls and hubby’s Lederhosen from the Moser stores in Germany and have been so happy with all of our purchases! They have stores all over Bavaria, as well as about half a dozen in Munich alone. The staff is really fantastic at helping you pick out that perfect Oktoberfest outfit.  I loved that they gave me tips for my Dirndl and for my husband they took time to explain things like some of the customs mentioned earlier in this article.  It was very personable and very helpful…plus we got fantastic Tracthen!

Address: All over Munich

Trachten Rausch

While not as expansive as Mosers, Rausch really prides itself on helping each individual customer.  One thing that is especially fantastic is if you come with a few other friends or family and spend over €250 together, you can get a 10% discount!

Address: Ruppertstraße 32, 80337 München


Another popular name and brand when buying Lederhosen and Dirndl in Munich is Angermaier.  They have some really beautiful and stunning collections and have 2 main stores in Munich to choose from.

Address: Landsbergerstr. 103 80339 München/ Rosental 10 am Viktualienmarkt 80331 München


When figuring out where to buy Dirndl in Munich, C&A is often a great option for more budget minded gals, however, you can still find some really good Oktoberfest Kleiduing (outfits) that don’t look cheap or tacky at all!

This is an especially great option if you are just wanting a top (like a blouse) to affordably pair with jeans.  They typically have a long rack of just shirts to choose from.

Address: There are about 7 locations all throughout Munich

Second Hand Lederhosen Stores in Munich

oktoberfest outfit name: Lederhosen and Dirndl (Trachten)

There are even a few places in and around Munich that you can get used Lederhosen and Dirndls.  These can be hit or miss, as most of these are just second hand/ thrift stores in general (not JUST for Lederhosen and Dirndl) but if you are patient enough for searching, it is well worth a try if you are doing Oktoberfest for cheap! You can check out these ones to start with:

Where To Buy Oktoberfest Clothing Online

Ok, yes….you CAN get some  German fest outfits online. And I’m sorry if I am a completely broken record, but PUUUULEEEASE, just make sure that it doesn’t look like a costume! Go to the above links of stores in Germany and get the idea of what an authentic Trachten outfit looks like and avoid anything that you might see at a Halloween party! 


I am crying a few tears as I write this, but alas, I know you are going to go look, so let’s just talk about the elephant in the room. There are actually a few legit Tracthen brands that sell on Amazon, so again, I just beg you, stay away from anything costume-y!!!


Men’s Lederhosen (Pants): Note: This is a European company, so make sure you order in EU sizes, not US!

Men’s Blue Checkered Shirt: Pair this with the above Lederhosen and you’ll look pretty good!

Shoes: These shoes say “authentic” and I’ll admit, they look pretty spot on!

Dirndle and Apron


Women’s Lederhosen

There aren’t many options on Amazon for this that look genuine and not tacky, but I think you could pull this one off. Since it already has a lot of color to it, I would go with a simple white button-up, blouse or a chic, collared blouse, like this one.

Women’s Tracthen Shirts


As I mentioned above, a great way to do Oktoberfest for cheap and still look the part is to just get a top and pair it with some jeans.  Here are a few that would be good enough if you aren’t wanting to scout out a Tracthen store in Munich.

Checkered Shirts For Women

Wool Hats

A wool hat is a great accessory to pair with your outfit, no matter your gender!

Moser Tracthen

As mentioned earlier, this is where ALL of our Tracthen have come from! Of course, you can head to one of their store locations in Germany in person, but you can also buy online and have it shipped worldwide (the shipping costs are a bit steep though).  Honestly, I don’t think you can find many places that have a better selection and tons of variety. 

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Rare Dirndl

This is actually a State-side, small business and the owner, Erika, makes absolutely gorgeous custom designed Dirndls! If you are in the US and want a legit looking Dirndl, this is a great way to get one!
In fact, after having my third baby in Germany, my ribcage had expanded in ways I didn’t know was possible for human anatomy. Why am I telling you this? Because everytime I tried on a Dirndl here in Germnay, if I found a dress that fit my ribcage, then it was way too big in the bust and the waist! But, if it fit my bust and waist, then it wouldn’t fit my ribcage!!! When I found out that she did CUSTOM fit Dirndls, sent her my exact measurements and Voila! I had a dress that fit me like a glove…er, Dirndl!
So, whether you’ve got a mom bod as well or if you just don’t want to deal with trying on Dirndls for hours OR if you don’t want to waste time after landing in Munich, this is a great route to go!

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General Questions

What is the German beer outfit called?

Ok, let’s get one thing clear (in case it hasn’t been already).  It is not a “Beer Outfit” and it is not a “Costume.” 

  • Trachten: Traditional Bavarian Outfits (this encompasses all traditional clothing and for both men and women)
  • Lederhosen: Literally “Leather Pants” in German. Traditionally men wore these but there are many Lederhosen for women today now as well.
  • Dirndl: The traditional Bavarian dress women wear

What do Men Wear To Oktoberfest

Many men will wear the traditional Lederhosen with a checkered shirt. Otherwise, normal, street clothes are completely acceptable as well. 

What Do Women Wear at Oktoberfest?

Today, women wear the traditional Bavarian dress (Dirndl) but also wear Lederhosen as well. Otherwise, normal, street clothes are completely acceptable as well. 

When do you wear a traditional costume in Bavaria?

Bavarians will wear their Trachten for special occasions such as weddings, special birthdays, and at local fests.

Can I wear a traditional Bavarian costume as a tourist?

Yes! You are more than welcome to wear Trachten, just avoid it looking like a Halloween costume or tacky. 

Lederhosen Questions and Answers

How much do Lederhosen Cost

A set (shirt, pants, socks, shoes) will range from about €150 to several hundred Euro.

How Do You Clean Lederhosen

It is often said that the more weathered the Lederhosen the better! If your leather pants get dirty, simply brush off what you can. If you have a particularly difficult stain, try rubbing it with a damp cloth.  You can also get special leather brushes to help get out dirt and stains. Otherwise, dry cleaning is the best option for particularly soiled Lederhosen. 

Do not machine wash. 

How Tight Should Lederhosen Be?

You don’t want your pants to be so tight that you are uncomfortable, but loose Lederhosen just aren’t good looking, either. Also, remember, the more you wear your Lederhosen, the more it will relax and “stretch” to actually be super comfy over time. If you want to speed up that process, do some squats to help break the leather in. 

Are Lederhosen Warm?

Yes, but not uncomfortably warm.  In fact, they are perfect for the Autumn days, and paired with a light cotton shirt, you won’t get too hot inside packed Oktoberfest beer tents

Dirndl Questions and Answers

Can I Wash My Dirndl?

It is best to hand wash your Dirndl and blouse.  If your dress is particularly dirty or is a sensitive material, like satin or lace, it is best to have it dry cleaned. 

How Should I Wear My Makeup for Oktoberfest or with a Dirndl?

Wear your makeup how you like! Many women like to go a bit bolder than their every day look, but a toned down, natural look can also look stunning as well. If you want to look absolutely ravishing, focus on some good lashes and lipstick that will stay all day long. No matter what look you go for, wear waterproof makeup (it can get hot in the tents) as well as makeup that can last all day. 

How Should I Wear My Hair For Oktoberfest?

Braids are a fantastic way to complete your Dirndl look. Simple braids, such as a slick, french braid are easy to do. Or, you can go with more complex braids like a crown braid or halo braid.  Easy side braids are a great alternative to the more costume looking pigtails and side fish tail braids look elegant as well. 

Sleek chignons look absolutely beautiful with the fancier Dirndls. 

Alternatively, many women will wear their hair down and curled.