Give the Gift of Beautiful Bavarian Christmas Ornaments

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One of my favorite parts about the German Christmas Markets is finding new, beautiful German Christmas ornaments to add to my collection.  And since we are in the South, I’m particularly a sucker for Bavarian Christmas ornaments. (Looking for other things to buy at a Christmas Market? Here’s my personal shopping list!) 

This is also one of my favorite gifts to give to friends and family.  There are so many great german ornaments that there is bound to be one that is perfectly fitting for every personality and decor style.  One year, I gave each of my aunts an intricately carved wooden ornament for our exchange.  Another year, I got a GORGEOUS German Christmas glass ornament for my son’s first Christmas and then, of course, there are the Krampus ornaments for those naughty friends on your list!

So, whether you can’t travel to the markets in person this year, or maybe just have a special German in your life that you’d like to gift a piece of home, here are some of my favorite German Christmas ornaments that you can give as a special gift.

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german christmas glass ornaments

Reasons To Give a German Christmas Ornament As A Gift

1) Give the Gift of an Upcoming Trip

What better way than to tell someone you want to take them on a trip to Germany than with a special gift, like a handmade Christmas ornament! (If you have a particular place you know you are going to, like Munich, you can even find an ornament that has a cityscape or something that is special to that city/location) 

2) Honoring One’s Heritage

My mom’s side of the family comes from a very German background and we are all very proud of our heritage.  It’s nice to acknowledge that with little things like a beautiful ornament on a Christmas tree.

3) Reminding Someone of Home

Do you have a German in your life?  What better way to show them that you love and appreciate their home by finding a beautiful ornament to add to their Christmas tree

Christmas ornaments Germany

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Germany Christmas Ornaments


Bavarian Christmas Ornaments

We all know how much I adore Bavaria and think everyone should travel to Bavaria when on their Germany trip.  So, these obviously are a top pick for me


Bavarian Men

Bavarian Christmas Ornaments


christmas ornaments in germany

Lederhosen Ornaments

If you want to scream stereotypical “Germany” then Lederhosen is a great place to start! (As is Beer, pretzels, and sausages!) 

Beer Steins

Anyone who has been to Germany knows exactly what damage a giant Maß of beer (German Beer Stein) can do.  These German Beer Stein Ornaments are the perfect gift for that beer loving friend of yours.


Another fantastic Bavarian tradition that everyone should try to experience no matter how touristy it is is the classic Oktoberfest.

This would be a fun gift to give to someone who you are planning a trip to Oktoberfest with.  Give a “gift certificate” for “One Free Brezn” to make it a complete package!


German Christmas Ornaments (wooden)

german ornaments Christmas

The handmade wooden German Christmas ornaments are some of my favorites.  They are so intricate and beautiful and with so many elaborate designs, there is sure to be one that fits the aesthetics of your loved ones’ decor. 


Germany Locations

These would be another fantastic gift for someone you are planning on going to Germany with.  Maybe you surprise them with the trip by gifting them a “Berlin Ornament” if you plan on spending a few days in Berlin. Or maybe you give them an I.O.U for a romantic carriage ride up to the Neuschwanstein Castle

Krampus Ornaments

Not everyone is on the “Nice List.”  I absolutely ADORE these frighteningly awesome German Krampus Christmas ornaments for those wicked friends in your life! 


The German Pickle Ornament

The “German Christmas Pickle” Somehow, in the US the “Weihnachtgurke” has taken hold as a “Classic German Tradition.”  Funny enough, almost NO Germans hang a pickle to be found in their tree….let alone even have HEARD of this so called “tradition.”

However, since it has caught on widely in the US, you can actually find some Weihnachtsgurken today at Glass German Christmas Ornaments Stands at the Christmas Markets (Surely to appease the tourists).

Even if it is not one of the many TRUE German Christmas Traditions it IS still a fun thing to do.  The story goes that a pickle (now a glass ornament) is hung (hidden) in the Christmas tree.  Whichever child finds the pickle first in the morning gets one extra present. 


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