EXACTLY How to Use the Bayern Ticket to Salzburg (2023)

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Salzburg beckons with its irresistible blend of old-world charm, captivating history, and awe-inspiring Alpine panoramas. Step into a fairytale as you wander along its enchanting cobbled streets, taking in the grandeur of magnificent palaces and Baroque architecture. Immerse yourself in the city’s vibrant cultural scene, where the melodies of Mozart still linger in the air, you might just catch a glimpse of Maria Von Trapp and her kids doing some Do-Re-Mis, and where you may nibble on the best Apfelstrudel of your life. And while all of that is pretty freaking awesome, I love that you can easily get from places like Munich to Salzburg in less than 2 hours and SUPER affordably! How? Despite Salzburg not being in Bavaria, shoot…it’s not even in GERMANY! You can still use the Bayern Ticket to Salzburg!!! In this guide, I’ll go over everything you need to know about how to use Bayern Ticket to get to Salzburg, like what it even is, where to buy it, WHEN you can actually use the group ticket, and more insider tips on making the most of your Salzburg Trip! Note: For the purpose of this guide, I am going to mostly talk about how to get from Munich to Salzburg with the Bayern Ticket, since that is where the majority of travelers like to come from since it is so fast and easy. However, I’ll also include two sections below about how to get from Garmisch to Salzburg as well as from Neuschwanstein to Salzburg.

bayern pass salzburg

What Is the Bayern Ticket?

First, we need to go over one of my favorite tickets in Germany (well, I DO live in Bavaria after all): The Bayern Pass.  Understanding the Bavaria Train Ticket has quite a few nuances, but I promise, once you read through my Complete Guide to the Bayern Pass then you’ll feel confident to move forward with using it to get to Salzburg. I do need you to take a minute to read it though because I cover some really essential small details that some travelers might miss. But here are the big items to recap on to know how to go to Salzburg with the Bayern Pass:

  1. The tickets are only valid after 9am on the weekdays (good anytime on the weekends)
  2. You can put up to 5 people on your Bavaria Ticket to get to Salzburg
  3. The Bayern Train Ticket is only good for REGIONAL trains only (No High Speed: ICE, IC, EC Trains- I go over how to know which are which in my full guide)
  4. NO Regional Trains have seat reservations (it’s not even a thing) so no, you can not get a seat reservation if using the Bayern Pass- Salzburg
  5. The Bayern Pass will only get you TO Salzburg. It will NOT cover public transportation once you are in the city (I’ll go over more on that and how to get around Salzburg in a bit)

IMPORTANT: The new 49 Euro Deutschland Ticket Goes to Salzburg as well! All of these same “rules” will apply (besides the 9am validity and cost of course)

Bayern Ticket- Salzburg Cost

Whether you need the Munich to Salzburg train cost or are taking the Garmisch to Salzburg train, it is all the same cost with the Bayern Pass.  As of the current writing, the Bayern Pass starts at 27 Euro for one person for unlimited day use. You then add 9 Euro per person for up to a total of 5 passengers per ticket. So, if you use the max number of people (5) then it is only 63 Euro for 5 people for the whole day for all public transportation within Bavaria (for example, the local Ubahns in Munich to get to the Hauptbahnhof or the buses from Neuschwanstein to Salzburg) and the train TO Salzburg.  One thing that people get confused about is that even though you can use the Bayern Ticket for all public transportation within Bavaria (buses, trams, Sbahns, etc) you CAN NOT use Salzburg’s local transport after stepping off the train from Bavaria. If you choose to use the buses or trams within Salzburg, you’ll need to purchase separate tickets (covered below).

Bayern Ticket- Number of PassengerCost
Bayern Pass Cost (Salzburg to Munich Train Cost)

Where and How To Buy A Bayern Pass

You can not buy the Bayern Pass on the trains themselves. Therefore, you have 4 main ways to purchase your tickets.

1) Bavaria Regional Online Ticket (Desktop Purchase)

bayern ticket db

1. Start at Bahn.com to begin 2. Change to “English” if you need (top right corner) 3. Click “Offers” and then > “Regional Offers” 4. Select”Regional Day Tickets for Bavaria” 5. Click “Book Your Tickets Now” 6. Input your information and passengers

IMPORTANT: If you are on the main search page of Bahn.com (for example, you are just looking at the different route options, times of trains etc) be sure you have De-Selected the “Fastest Route” box and instead you have clicked the “Local Transport Only” box since these are the only valid trains with your Bayern Pass! Otherwise, it may show ICE trains, which again, are NOT valid with your Bayern Ticket

Click Here To Purchase the Bayern Pass Online

2) Buying the Bayern Pass on the DB Navigator App

Use this method to buy the Bayern Ticket straight on your phone

1. Download the “DB Navigator” App to your smartphone. 2. Click the three lines in the top left corner next to “Trip Planner” 3. Click “Regional Offer” 4. Select the red “Regional Offers” button again 5. Choose the “Bayern-Ticket” and “Search” 6. It will give you the optoin for Day or Night Ticket and you will be required to put the day of travel (this is essential, as your ticket is only valid for the date that you input) 7. Put in how many travelers and the required information for each 8. Click “Book Ticket” – If you do not have a Bahn Account, it will prompt you to create one, including putting in your credit card information

3) Buy the Bayern Pass At A Ticket Machine/Kiosk On Site

Most main train stations will have a ticket machine/kiosk. However, the reason I don’t like to rely solely on this method is because once in a blue moon the machine will not be working. From my personal experience, trying to explain this to a conductor doesn’t exactly receive a ton of sympathy and you may even be left paying a hefty fine for not having a valid ticket while riding. Granted, if you don’t have data/ a smartphone or access to a computer to get a ticket online/printer, you are usually ok with just buying it at the kiosk on the platform, especially at bigger, more touristy train stations.

4) Buy the Bayern Ticket from a Ticket Office

At bigger train stations, there are often Deutsche Bahn offices. Just make sure that if you go this route that you have verified that there really is an in-person office at the station you need to buy the ticket from. Also, know that you will be charged an extra 2 Euro to book your ticket in person. For how easy it is to do online, I just personally stick to that method.

Using The Bayern Pass to Salzburg

Now that you know exactly how to get your train ticket to Salzburg, let’s chat specifics! First, you are going to need to know what trains you can get on, their timetables, and the track they will be located on. Like we said before, you’ll only be using Regional Trains. Whether you are on the DB Navigator App or the Bahn Website, the easiest way to know what trains you can use for the Bayern Pass is to click “Local Transport Only” and make sure that you’ve UNchecked the “Fastest Connections” (that shows the ICE trains)

Munich to Salzburg Bayern Ticket

Travel TimeHow Frequently Regional Trains Leave# of Transfers
1 hour and 45 MinutesApproximately Once/Hr0- Direct Train
Bayern Ticket To Salzburg from Munich

You can read my entire guide on exactly How to Get from Munich to Salzburg here. Getting from Munich to Salzburg by train couldn’t be easier! From the main Hauptbahnhof in Munich, trains run almost hourly that zip you to Salzburg in less than 2 hours.

Munich to Salzburg Train Schedule

While there are tons of trains that can get you from Munich to Salzburg, remember, you can only use REGIONAL TRAINS with the Bayern Pass. This means that for this ticket, you’ll most likely be grabbing the:

  • BRB RE5 Train with final destination as Salzburg
  • Time: 1 hour 47 minutes (no transfers)
  • Meridian Train: This (typically blue) train also is covered on the Bayern Pass

Note: If you are using the Bayern Pass to get from Munich to Salzburg, the earliest train you can use with this particular ticket during the week is the 9:55am train to Salzburg.

  • On the weekends, you can use your Bayern Pass as early as you need. Hourly trains start as early as 5:55am if you’d like

Important Note: There are a few high speed trains that run from Munich to Salzburg. Your Bayern Pass is NOT Valid on these!!!  Here are the trains that you can NOT use the Bayern Pass to Salzburg with:

  • IC Trains: These are the Deutsche Bahn High Speed Trains. There aren’t a ton of IC trains from Munich to Salzburg, but there are a few, like the IC 1291 that is direct train from Munich to Salzburg. You may NOT use this train to Salzburg with the Bayern Pass
  • Any EC Train: These are another Deutsche Bahn high speed train. For example, the EC 217 and EC 219 both in the direction of Graz HBF are not valid
  • WB Trains: These are the ÖBB (Austria’s train company, like Deutsche Bahn) high speed trains, similar to the IC/ EC Deutsche Bahn trains
  • RailJet: RailJet (Express) trains (RJ/ RJX) are also not valid with the Bayern Pass and are also another one of ÖBB’s high speed trains
  • Nightjet Trains: These will be trains that say “NJ.” For example, the NJ 40295 that goes all the way to Italy isn’t applicable with your Bayern Pass

Finding the Right Train Platform for the Salzburg Train in Munich

Munich to Salzburg train Bayern Ticket

As always, look at your ticket to make sure you know what platform you need to be on. However, the trains from Munich to Salzburg are typically in the same place but may seem a bit tricky to find at first.

  1. They are usually at the Gleis 5-10 (Tracks 5-10)
  2. These are actually outside. Find the Starbucks in the the main hall and walk down and passed that and you’ll actually fine another set of trains
  3. The Salzburg Train is typically on track (Pl.) 9

Bayern Pass: (Neuschwanstein) Füssen to Salzburg

neuschwanstein castle germany near munich
Travel TimeHow Frequently Regional Trains Leave# of Transfers
4 hours and 45 MinutesApproximately Once/Hr3 (1 Bus. 2 Trains)
*Note: Add about 20 minutes for the bus from Schwangau (Castle Location)Approximately Once/Hr0 (direct bus to Füssen)
Bayern Ticket To Salzburg from Neuschwanstein

I can’t tell you the number of times someone in my Travel in Bavaria Facebook Group has said, “Since Neuschwanstein is so close to Austria, does it make sense to go to Salzburg next?” The Answer: Not really.  I’m not saying you shouldn’t.  But if the question is about effectiveness on your routing, hop over to Google Maps real quick and you’ll see that Austria curves up around the East of Southern Germany, where Neuschwanstein is heading direct South towards Austria.  The next thing you need know about getting from Neuschwanstein to Salzburg is that you won’t be going from the actual castle itself. You’ll need to take Bus 73 or Bus 78 that goes from Schwangau (where the castles are) to the Füssen HBF.  The reality is that to get from Fussen to Salzburg by train, you actually have to go back up to Munich first and then transfer to go back on over to Salzburg. This doesn’t sound all too horrible, but if you take a look at the schedule, this is going to require 1 bus and then 2 train transfers and takes about 4 hours and 45 minutes total.  I have an extremely in depth guide on exactly how to use the Bayern Pass to Take the Train from Munich to Neuschwanstein. If you are in Füssen and wanting to go to Salzburg next, just follow my step by step directions in reverse and then follow the above section on how to get from Munich to Salzburg.

Neuschwanstein Castle to Salzburg Train/ Bus:

Depending on exactly what time you leave, will determine your exact route, but most are as follows:

  1. Take the Bus 78 or 73 to the Füssen HBF
  2. In Füssen, you’ll take the Bus SEV in the direction of Lengenwang
  3. In Lengenwang, take the RB 77 Train in the direction of Augsburg Hbf
  4. Depending on which time you left, you will then either get off and  transfer at Buchloe or in Kaufbeuren
  5.  Your next step is to take the train to Munich. From Buchloe, you’ll grab the  RE 72 in the direction of Munich. If you had to get off in Kaufbeuren, then take the RE70/76 to Munich
  6. In Munich, grab the next RE5 from Munich to Salzburg (Direct)

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Garmisch to Salzburg by Train Using the Bayern Pass

Bayern Ticket Salzburg to Garmisch Partenkirchen
Travel TimeHow Frequently Regional Trains Leave# of Transfers
3 Hours and 35 MinutesApproximately Once/Hr1 in Munich
Bayern Pass From Garmisch to Salzburg

Similar to the above example of getting from Neuschwanstein, to take the train from Garmisch to Salzburg, you are actually going to have to go back up and through Munich. Luckily, the Garmisch to Salzburg train doesn’t involve TOO many transfers and can take as little as about 3.5 hours. The best routes typically leave once an hour. Garmisch Partenkirchen to Salzburg by Train:

  1. At the Garmisch- Partenkirichen Train station, you’ll take the direct RB 6 Train in the direction of Munich.
  2. At Munich, you’ll transfer and get on the next RE 5 Train that takes you direct to Salzburg

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Getting Around Salzburg

Is Salzburg easy to walk around

It’s actually really easy to get around Salzburg. While it is a decently sized city, most of what you will be doing in 1 day is going to be in the Altstadt (Old Town) city center, or very nearby. This means that most of the things you are probably going to be doing can be easily covered by walking. And It’s SO enjoyable to walk around in Salzburg because it is truly so beautiful! Alternatively, the city also has a great bus and tram system that gets you just about anywhere you need in and around town.

By Foot/ Walking

The easiest way to get around is just to walk.  Even from the Hauptbahnhof, the Altstadt is only about 15-20 minutes of walking. And once in the city center, everything is easily accessible by foot (and preferable since there are plenty of great little things to see all over).

In my One Day in Salzburg Guide, I have a DIY Walking Tour, which includes step by step how to get from the main train station to the top highlight spots in the Altstadt

By Bus and Trams

If you are coming into Salzburg for a few days, you may want to head to your hotel to drop off your bags. Depending on the location, the Bus/ Tram may be a good option to get you there easily.

Or, If you find that something is just a wee bit further than you’d prefer to walk during the day, then just grab any of the many buses all throughout town.  The buses take you just about everywhere you need to go and run frequently and often (and quite late into the night!).  You can buy the tickets right on the bus but there are also little kiosks at many stations that you can also pre-purchase a ticket at or even get them on your phone.


  • €2.20 For One Full Hour
  • Day Ticket (24 hours): €6.40 for an entire 24 hour or only €4.50 if you buy it on your smartphone or at a ticket machine before boarding

Other Bayern Ticket Destinations Outside of Germany/ Bavaria

If you are looking for other locations that the Bayern Pass can get you to, here are a few others outside of Bavaria:

  • Salzburg
  • Kufstein (Austria)
  • Reutte (Austria)
  • Ulm (Germany)

Some of My Favorite Things To Do in Salzburg

original sound of music tour salzburg

It’s time to put on your Maria Von Trapp outfit because “These are a few of my favorite things” (To do in Salzburg)!

  • Wander through the super charming Altstadt
  • Have a stroll through the beautiful Mirabel Gardens
  • Check out Mozart’s birth place
  • Stroll down the quintessential Salzburg Getreidegasse
  • Admire the St. Peter’s Church and Cemetery
  • Ride the Festungsbahn (Funicular) up to the commanding Salzburg Fortress
  • Tour the Festung Hohensalzburg (Fortress)
  • Enjoy the most amazing beer at the Augustiener Brauhaus with some classic bread dumplings and kraut!
  • Sing along at one of the many fantastic Sound of Music Tours (Bike tours, walking tours, bus tours and more)
  • Sip on Salzburg Stiegl Beers at the end of a Stiegl Brewery Tour

FAQs About Using the Bayern Pass to Salzburg:

Is the Bayern Ticket Valid In Salzburg?

The German Bayern Pass is valid TO Salzburg (the train ride there and return) but the Bayern Ticket is not valid for transportation WITHIN Salzburg (buses, trams, etc).

How Long is the Train Ride from Munich to Salzburg?

Using the Regional Trains with the Bayern Pass, the Munich to Salzburg train only takes about 1 hour and 45 minutes with no transfers.

Can I use the Bayern ticket for local transport in Salzburg?

While you can use the Bayern Pass to get TO Salzburg, once in the city, you will have to purchase separate tickets for the local transport system of buses and S-Bahns.

Is There a Direct Train from Munich To Salzburg?

Yes. From the Munich Hauptbahnhof, a direct train leaves almost every 20 minutes that goes direct to the Salzburg Hauptbahhof. It is important to note that both the High Speed Trains and Regional Trains take approximately the same time.

How Often Do Trains Leave from Munich to Salzburg?

A Regional Train (direct) that you can use the Bayern Pass on leaves about once an hour at 55 minutes past the hour. High Speed trains leave approximately every 20 minutes. Both regional and high speed trains from Munich to Salzburg take approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes and are direct routes.

How to Get To Salzburg from Munich by Train?

The easiest and most affordable way to get to Salzburg from Munich is to catch any of the hourly trains at the main Munich Hauptbahnhof. The RE 5 train is a direct train with no transfers from Munich straight to the Salzburg Hauptbahnhof.

How Do You Get from the Munich Airport to the Train Station?

There is an Sbahn Station located directly at the Munich Airport. Follow the signs for this and then get on the S1 or S8 which takes you to the Munich Hauptbahnhof. These leave regularly out of the airport. For a step by step guide on how to do this, read my Munich Aiport to City Center Guide.

Is There a Direct Train from the Munich Aiport to Salzburg?

No. You will first have to take about a 40 minute Sbahn ride to the main Munich Trainstation (Hauptbahnhof) and then from there, you can get a direct train to Salzburg

Is There a Direct Train from the Munich Aiport to Salzburg?

No. You will first have to take about a 40 minute Sbahn ride to the main Munich Trainstation (Hauptbahnhof) and then from there, you can get a direct train to Salzburg

Is the Train from Munich to Salzburg Pretty?

The Bavarian Countryside is always beautiful! Depending on the season, you may see a patchwork of greens in the summer, bright yellow canola fields blooming in the spring, and beautiful fall foliage in the autumn. You’ll pass by towns with quaint little church steeples. As you get futher south, the more mountains you’ll begin to see, but a lot of the the journey is surprisingly not a “Mountaineous” as you might think. The closer to the Austrian border, the more the Alps will be prominent.

How Far is Neuschwanstein Casle From Salzburg?

Depending on the exact route, driving is about 215 km (133 miles) and can take 3-4 hours. Taking the train will take about 5 hours from Schwangau.

What is the Distance from Garmisch to Salzburg?

Depending on the exact route, driving is about 200 KM (125 miles) and can take 2.5-3 hours, pending traffic. Taking the train will take about 3.5-4 hours to get from Garmisch to Salzburg.

Is Salzburg Easy to Get Around?

Yes. Walking: Most of the main attractions of Salzburg are located in a small area of the city itself, within a few kilometer’s radius, making it extremely easy to walk most places. Trams and Buses: When you need to get somewhere a bit further than your feet can take you, Salzburg has a fantastic bus and streetcar (tram) system interconnecting just about anywhere you’d need to get to easily within and around the city. Salzburg Bus and Tram Costs: Only €2.10 for a single journey when purchased on the Bus €1.90 if you have the ticket prepurchased at bought from a kiosk machine. €5 for a 24 hour pass of unlimited bus and tram use

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