Bavaria Day Trip to the Wildgarten Furth im Wald

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I’m always on the lookout for day trips in Bavaria and today was no exception. While I wanted to go on a further day trip, the idea of being stuck in the car for 2 hours one way with an almost 2 year old wasn’t how I wanted to spend our day with this absolutely beautiful weather.   So, after a smidge of google searching, I decided that spending a day exploring Furth im Wald, particularly the Furth im Wald Wildgarten was just the day trip we needed.  It was not far from home.  It was outdoors.  Perfect!!!

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WildGarten Furth Im Wald

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Where Is Furth im Wald, Bavaria?

Furth Im Wald (literally translated to “Furth in (the) Forest”) is in the Bavarian Forest (Bayerischer Wald), which is, obviously, in Bavaria and located a stone’s throw away from the Czech border.

For us, it was best just to drive (just a little over an hour from Regensburg) simply because once you get to Furth im Wald, it’s best to have a car to get around, as not everything is right together and very easily walkable,  However, you can take a train straight from Regensburg to Furth in Wald (about 2 hours) with no transfers or from Munich (about 3 hours) that transfers in Regensburg.

What is Wildgarten Furth im Wald?

The Furth im Wald Wildgarten is an area of almost 25 acres that is essentially a nature discovery center and educational experience with over 50 “stations” just waiting to be discovered.

You will walk along a clearly marked, roundtrip, path that leads you past an “underwater observation station,” TONS of insect homes, “primitive huts,” a treehouse to climb and explore, and so much more!

Time Needed: We spent almost exactly 2 hours at the forest wild garden.  We weren’t going fast but we also weren’t dawdling, either.  I think that between 2-3 hours would be ideal for most age groups.


  • Adults: €4,50
  • Kids (6-17) : €4,00
  • 6 & Under: Free

Opening Hours

Open daily from 10am-5pm


Daberger Str. 33, 93437 Furth im Wald

Things to Know


Furth im Wald is known as the “Dragon City.”  Every year, they host the really fun and unique “Furth im Wald Drachenstich” which is a huge festival that celebrates St. George killing the dragon.  The largest robot in the world (In dragon form, of course) charges through the streets and there is an almost “Renaissance Fair” type of feel to the whole fest.   If you can time it to go to Furth im Wald during this (typically the beginning of August) you won’t regret it.

Read All About The Drachenstich (dates, costs, why go, and more!) here.


If you are heading to Furth im Wald for a full day trip, avoid Mondays if you can.  It was Ruhetag (closed for the day) for a ton of restaurants and the Drachenhöle (The Dragon Cave), so we actually missed one of the main attractions to the city.  Guess that just means we’ll have to go back!!

Going With Babies: Should you take a stroller

Furth im Wald Wild Garten

If you are taking a tot or babe, it was well worth having a baby carrier for this walk.  Technically, you could do it with a good and sturdy stroller.  It was all flat and on dirt paths, but it was an absolute cinch with the Tula.

Covid Notes

There are just a few areas where masks are required.  For example, you will need a mask on when you pay admission, in the underwater observation, and a few other areas here and there throughout the park.

Day Trip To the Furth im Wald and the Wildgarten


Town Hall Glockenspiel on the Schlossplatz Square

Furth im Wald Glockenspiel

We arrived right before 11am, which is when the Furth Glockenspiel goes off.  Like many Glockenspiels, the anticipation might be higher than it needs to be.  This particular one’s bells don’t even ring anymore for real (you’ll see the small speaker in the corner!) But, it’s these little things that I always like doing when traveling in Germany and since we were there at 11am anyway, why not!

Grab Lunch

While we were in the Altstadt, we grabbed a quick lunch.  While I would have loved to have tried to find some Czech food (we are literally right at the border!) many restaurants were closed on Monday for Ruhetag.  So we just grabbed a quick Doner (can a Doner ever be the wrong choice???) before heading off to the forest.



Next, we headed to the Wildgarten.

Tip: If you just blindly use your GPS (like me), then it just may take you on a wild goose chase.  If you have driven to the Drachensee lake, you’ve gone too far.  Instead, use the address listed above.

You’ll see the brown sign on the left side of the street (see photo below) but the sign on the left side of the street says no cars.  So, do not go down that street.

Wildgarten Parking Lot Daberger Str. 33, 93437 Furth im Wald

Instead, park along the street here.  If there is no parking, just drive a little bit further up the road and there is more parking.

Wildgarten Parking Lot

Wildgarten Furth im Wald

Furth im Wald Wildgarten in the bayrischer wald

You’ll pay the admission upon the entrance and then just simply follow the really easy to follow and well marked path.

Furth im Wald Wildgarten huts

Start exploring!  There are adorable and elaborately built “primitive” huts all over that you can go into.  This one, you could even sit and eat a picnic lunch in!

Wildgarten Underwater Observation Station

Next, you’ll come to the Underwater Observation Station.  It’s pretty much like a glorified fish aquarium, but the kids loved being face to face with the fish.  There are even some REALLY big ones swimming around the pond above, like Pike.

Wildgarten Fish Aquarium

The fish seemed to be coming up to the glass for photo ops!

Wildgarten Giant Nest

Spend the next few hours exploring.  Our little hatchlings loved playing in this giant “birds nest.”

Bayerischer Wald Furth

Who doesn’t love swinging!


But watch out for the Ghosts!

Wildgarten Ghosts

Bavarian Forest Cham

Enjoy the views of the Bavarian Forest along the paths

Wildgarten T-rex

The kids sort of freaked out about the roaring dinosaur (but got over it when they realized it was “just sleeping”)

Hiking Bavaria Forest

Watch out for low hanging “planks.”  Don’t worry, this was only in one particular section of the park.  It was pretty humorous watching us Mamas who were babywearing attempt to duck under these without bonking any heads!

Wildgarten Treehouse

Climb up the giant treehouse to overlook the Bavarian Forest.

Wildgarten Mammoth

You can even pull on the string to make the woolly mammoth shake it’s head.

Bavarian Forest Wildgarten


Overall, we had a really enjoyable day at the Wildgarten.  The kids really had fun exploring all of the different learning and hands on features they found along the paths and it was great to be out in the fresh air and it really did make for a great day trip within Bavaria.

Other Things to Do In Furth Im Wald

If you want to make a longer trip or just do more during your day, here are a few more things you can do

  • Go to the Furth im Wald Drachenhöle (Dragon’s Cave) at the fest platz (open year round. Closed Mondays)
  • Spend some time at the Drachensee Furth im Wald (a really nice lake right by the Wildgarten)
  • Walk the Altstadt square.  Small, but classic German style square with picturesque buildings
  • Watch the Glockenspiel “show” (only at 11am and 6pm) across from the Rathaus
  • Furth Im Wald Camping: Right at the entrance of the Wildgarten is a nice looking campground.  This could make for a great base for a weekend of exploring the Bavarian Forest!


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