Planning a Trip to Germany? Don’t Miss These Travel Tuesday Deals That Could Save you Thousands!

Look. I know I’m in the travel industry, but I’m also self admittedly like an old Gramma when it comes to new fangled technologies, websites, and social platforms. I’m already that old lady (I’m actually a millennial) who yells in a feeble voice, “Andy! How do I get my phone to turn on!” (Except Andy is my computer programming husband and not my tech savvy child)

Sooooo yeah. This was the first year I ever even heard of “Travel Tuesday.” #TravelBloggerFail

But being an insanely cheap frugal penny pincher just to save a few bucks for travel? Being a hard core budget traveler?

OH YEAH! Now, THAT is my jam!!!! (I actually used to run a different blog all about budget travel!)

If you say the words, “Do you want to save some money?” and “Travel” in the same sentence, I’m like a little eager puppy with its ears perked up and ready to listen intently!

Black Friday and Travel Tuesday Deals to Germany text over a photo of Neuschwanstein in germany

Please also note that some WIG articles contain links that earn me a small commission at no extra cost to you.

TL;DR Below I give ALL of the deals I’ve found so far that can be applied to traveling to Germany. Don’t have the time to scroll? Here are some of my top picks!

What To Save OnWhere To Find The DealSavings/ DiscountsGet The Deal!
✈️ 🛏️ Flights and HotelsHopper Travel Deals
+50% Off Flights, Hotels, and More Travel Items!
✈️FlightsPlay AirlinesDirect Flights As Low As $337 from USA to FRA and MUC!
🛏️ HotelsBooking.comUp to 30% Off Hotel Stays
🚢 Germany River CruisesUniworld CruisesUp to 50% Off Select Germany River Cruises!
🚌 Tour GroupsContiki TravelsUp to 25% Off Germany Tours
(IE: $235 Off German Christmas Market Tour!)

Travel Tuesday

So if you are like me and are only now just hearing about the newest addition to the Black Friday, Cyber Monday (and whatever else) lineup, here’s the quick low down:

Several years ago, the travel app, “Hopper” invented the concept of “Travel Tuesday.” They claim that on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving (November 28th for this year) there are supposedly over 50% more deals related to travel than on actual Black Friday.

Now, I’ve never actually used Hopper before, so I just downloaded it and have had a poke around the app for the sake of research for this article. I will admit that I do like what I see! The idea of the app is that it’s an aggregate booking system but they claim that they “Analyze over 30 billion price points in real time each day.” But I’ll get into why that’s important for YOU in the Hopper section of this Travel Tuesday Breakdown List.

Hopper also is predicting (where do I get this magical glass ball to see the future!?) that many travel companies will be offering up to 80% off trips. Uuuum, what??? Ok, I’m listening!!!

But the Travel Tuesday Deals Has Spread Beyond Hopper. Supposedly, over 120 hotels, 30 tourism boards, and plenty of airlines are on board the Travel Tuesday Train as well. Major companies like, hotels like Mariot, and big tour companies are all eagerly vying for your attention….and I’m here to list all the deals I’ve found that can be applied to Germany travels!

Can You Help Me Find More Deals for Our Amazing WIG Community?

Before I jump into it all. I have a major favor to ask of you.

If you see any deals that could help other members of the WanderInGermany community, can you let me know? I’m just a solo blogger here at WIG (no team, no big PR crew, etc) I’m a Mama of 3 kiddos, so you can imagine the amount of time I have to put into something like finding “Flash Deals.”

So, if YOU find a deal that you are like, “OMG! LeAnna Needs to Know About This!!!” I am going to have my email alerts on and I’ll add anything you discover ASAP to this list!

Email me at: LeAnna(at)WanderInGermany(dot)com. Danke Schön!!!!! ❤️

My Issue With Travel Tuesday?

Lufthansa Airplane

I’m loving the sound of international flights for only a couple hundred bucks (vs the $2,000 (PER PERSON) I paid last year to fly home to the US. OUCH!), and while I’m not a “Organized Tour” kinda gal myself, if some truly are up to 80% off, they might convince me to try a few.

However, (and this is a BIG however), like most deal days it is sometimes impossibly hard to actually FIND the deals and more specifically FIND the deals that actually APPLY to you! (Like, yay…there are insanely cheap flights out of some place in Canada I’ve never heard of to Berlin, but does that ACTUALLY benefit me??) I hope that you can find some amazing Travel Tuesday Deals for ALL your upcoming travels though whether it’s for Germany or another trip you might be planning.

Watch the Fine Print

Wow! 80% off a tour to Germany? AWESOME! Oh, wait….it’s for specific dates only, or there are black out dates you can’t use it on, etc. Another issue may be different cancelation policies than usual. The point is simply to just make sure you’ve read all the fine print to make sure the deal still works for YOU.

You Still May Have To Do A Lot of Leg Work

So, with that all being said, I’m going to do my best at curating this list. My GOAL is to make it “Germany Specific” as possible. However, there are plenty of generic deals (like some flight deals) that you may have to still dig deeper for specific discounts for your preferred airports. Or, you might still have to find a specific hotel in a specific German city for a hotel discount. But hopefully, I can at least start the guidance of that whole process for you.

Get Creative!

If you find a deal but it doesn’t look like it will work for you, try to think outside the box.

For example, when we fly home, flying direct isn’t even a possibility and we have to transfer somewhere inevitably anyway. Therefore, can you piece together an itinerary with one of the deals? For example, snag that $350 Black Friday Deal from JFK direct to Munich and then see if you can find a cheaper domestic flight to JFK in the coming months.

The problem with this is that if there are any issues that arise in the journey (delays, etc) that it can create a bit of a mess. However, if you are extreme budget travelers like me (I’ve been known to switch entire AIRPORTS within a city just to save money!!!) then you do what you gotta do and hope for the best!!!

Please Note (IMPORTANT!?)

Remember my last two articles/ emails and how those lists weren’t just a “Oh Gee, what expensive gear can I recommend to my audience for Black Friday so I can make a penny?” No. EVERY SINGLE ITEM that I suggested were ones that I have bought, used, and suggest personally.

HOWEVER, please note that for this list, I have NOT tried and tested every single thing listed here. If it is a product or service that I have personally used, I’ll definitely let you know but otherwise, I have not taken a tour with every company listed, flown with every airline offering discounts, etc.

Therefore, please please please do your due diligence to research the deals thoroughly, read any fine print, and purchase at your own risk.

With all that out of the way. Let’s dive into all the deals that I’ve found so far that can help you save some major moolah for your Deutschland Journey!!

Travel Tuesday Deals for Germany!!!!!

I’m going to break this down into “categories” of travel. (Flight- all the deals on flights I’ve Found. Hotels, Tours, etc)
Therefore, if you need to go straight to a certain section, feel free to go straight to that section to find those deals.

➤ Hopper- Massive Travel Tuesday Deals

Sign Up For Hopper With The WIG Referral Code to Get an Extra 10% Off Your First Booked Hotel! Code: Leannab5gbg

Since Hopper is who started Travel Tuesday, it’s probably no surprise that they claim to have some of the best deals on travel for Travel Tuesday. Hopper is supposed to:

  • Find the best deals (specifically for flights and hotels)
  • Predict trends in flight and hotel prices
  • Gives alerts on low prices to know when to book (they claim their price prediction is right 95% of the time?)
  • Analyzes and updates prices in real time even the smallest fluctuations are seen and you can be alerted to them

I personally haven’t used Hopper yet, but with all the Travel Tuesday Hype, I DID download it and have set several alerts for trips I know I am going to be taking in the next year to see what it comes up with!

Flight Deals to Germany

cheap flights to germeny
Flying Into Germany in the Autumn

These are the deals that I have found so far that either are for airfare deals in general, but I’ll put the ones that are specific to Germany at the top for priority

➤ Play Airlines: 35 % Off Flights to Berlin

35% Off Flights to select European Cities (including Berlin) Via Play Airlines.

The Details

  • One Way Flights to Berlin out of the Hamilton, Ontario (Canada) airport with Play Airline (An Iceland Airline)
  • Book between November 24- 28
  • Travel Dates must be between December 2023- May 2024 only

Don’t live in Cananda? Try seeing if you can get a cheap flight to Hamilton, Ontaria and then switching over to Play Airlines to grab this great deal to Berlin.

Need Berlin Inspiration? Read my Guides:

➤ Play Airlines: Flights As Low As $337 from USA!

If the above offer of an additional 35% off just isn’t worth the hassle of getting to Hamilton, Ontario, I was shocked when I saw that Play Airlines apparently has routes from tons of major US Hubs and my jaw literally dropped at the prices.

  • $365 from New York (SWF) to Berlin
  • $337 from Boston to Berlin
  • Washington, D.C. (IAD) to Berlin

Just to name a few! I am 100% keeping my eye on this airline for the future!

Note: Play Airlines is a Budget Airline. Think bare bones. But for that price, I’d take that any day!!!!

➤ Hopper Flight Deals

So there are a lot of deals that are happening with Hopper that you might be able to apply, but here’s one that I uncovered for you that should be specific to Germany travel.

Several airlines are offering massive discounts on flights with Hopper. The two that I think can benefit you the most for flights to Germany are:

Singapore Airlines: Yes. Singapore! No, we aren’t flying some insane route through Asia first to get to Germany, either!

Singapore Airlines have several direct flights from the US (NY, Washington DC, LA to name a few) direct to Frankfurt and Munich. So, watch Singapore Airlines for great flight deals to Germany on Travel Tuesday!

Aer Lingus flights starting at $590!

I’ve personally flown Aer Lingus to Germany before when they’ve had some amazing discount deals in the past. It was a bit of a pain because we actually found a cheap flight to LaGuardia with Southwest from our hometown. BUT then we had to switch to JFK to actually take the Aer Lingus flight! (I told you we do insane things to save money for travel!!!)

black friday flight deals with aer lingus
These are FANTASTIC Prices!!!!

➤ Going (Formerly Scott’s Cheap Flights)

I’ve been a member with Scott’s Cheap Flights (Now rebranded as “Going) since their beginning days as a company and have scored some absolutely Ludacris cheap flights because of their alerts. My favorite perk that Going does is their “Mistake Fares” alerts. Sometimes, airlines make an “oops” with a pricing model and you can benefit from it if you act FAST before they realize what they’ve done (but then you typically still get to keep that slashed price!)

How Going Works:

  • Sign up
  • Set up custom deal alerts
  • Get notified when there are great deals (sometimes unknown to most people)
  • Get notified when there are mistake airfares (This is how we scored flights to Thailand for under $500 a person one year!)
  • Going claims you can save thousands on each international flight you book with them

Going Black Friday and Travel Tuesday Deals

Get $25 off either the Elite or Premium Memberships. (This means you won’t actually book a cheap flight today probably, but you can get the discount on their alert system, which has totally paid for itself for us time and time again)

Offer valid November 10th through November 30th; no coupon code needed; deal is not stackable with other offers

➤ Alternative Airlines

I’ve never heard of this aggregate company, but they are running Travel Tuesday deals for cheap flights, so it’s worth at least looking into to see if they have something that works for you!

See Alternative Airlines Travel Tuesday Deals Here

Expedia 30% Off Select Trips

I’ll be honest here. If Hopper does what it says that it does, then you may not even need to look at Expedia. But, if you have FOMO like I do and just want to cover all your bases, Expedia is going to be having several running Black Friday and Travel Tuesday deals.

One Travel Tuesday deal Expedia has is with their “Instant Escapes” deal. You can save a ton of money on things like hotels but only if you are traveling in the pretty near future.

You’ll need to head over to Expedia to see what all they are rolling out specifically and how you can apply it to you, but it looks like at least 30% off!

➤ ASAP Tickets

You can access ASAP Tickets via Expedia, but I figured it was worth mentioning here, too. ASAP Tickets claims you can save up to 50% off of tickets, but I have my doubts on such claims. It does seem like one of the angles that ASAP Tickets has is last minute offers, which is great if you like to travel on a whim.

Granted, I’m not a huge fan of their “Call us for better prices” scheme. However, they say that you can call to get “exclusive Phone-Only Deals” and save an extra 30% when you call directly. I suggest also asking for the “Super Saver Fare” to see if there are any other slashed prices to look into.

Travel Tuesday Discount Code: Use the code “ASAP30” when booking online and save $30 on your flight

➤ Dollar Flight Club

While I’ve never used Dollar Flight Club personally, from what I’ve surmised, they are similar to the above “Going” program in the sense that you sign up for a membership and then they do the work on sending you alerts for deals for your preferred airport(s). They claim that members can save upwards of $500 USD on average per ticket booked!

Travel Tuesday Deal: Get two two lifetime memberships to Dollar Flight Club for just $120. They say this package has a value of $3380 which means you are looking at about a $3260 discount. 

Travel Tuesday Hotel Deals and Discounts

Hotels in Germany

Since we all need a place to stay while traveling, I’m definitely looking into several of these deals myself for our upcoming travels.

➤ Discounts STARTING at 30% Off has pretty much been my go-to for a hotel booking platform for at least the last 8 years and I MUCH prefer it to things like AirBnB (I have my reasonings!) And since Booking has things like Apartment Rentals and even Entire Houses (just like AirBnB), I’d much rather book through a company that isn’t as sketch as AirBnB. Travel Tuesday Deals: 30% off Select Hotel Bookings. Various other discounts sitewide as well (such as 10% off other listings)

To Find the 30% Off Hotels: Unfortunately, it is not 30% off site wide, so it may take a bit of digging to find an exact accommodation in your exact location that is offering the 30% discount. After you have searched for a location, when you begin clicking through various hotels, you’ll see the discount in the individual listings.

Black Friday discounts

* Discounts apply to bookings between November 16, 2023 through December 31, 2024 and you must book by December 29th

➤ Hyatt- 20% Off + Free Breakfasts

There are plenty of Hyatts in Europe (we travel hack with points, so we stay at Hyatts often here in Europe), so if you like staying with this chain, they are offering 20% Hotels Plus Free Breakfasts (you know I’m all about the food! Hyatt does FANTASTIC breakfasts!!!).

Hyatt Travel Tuesday Discount/Code: Use Special Offer Code “STAYNOW”

*Must book by December 5, 2023 and for travel dates only from November 3, 2023 to April 30, 2024. You will also have to register (free) to be a member of the Hyatt program if you aren’t already. More Details on the Deal Here

Germany River Cruise Discounts for Black Friday/Travel Tuesday

cochem castle, which is  a town many river cruises in germany go past

Doing a river cruise in Germany is a really popular way to see the country. Whether you choose to cruise the Donau, or stay along the Rhine or Moselle Rivers (known for their wine regions), doing a river cruise in Germany is a really popular way to see the country.

➤ Uniworld Boutique River Cruises in Germany– 50% Off!

Unworld is a “luxury boutique” river cruise company and I will be the first to admit that both their actual Germany River Cruise itineraries AND the Black Friday/ Travel Tuesday deals look pretty awesome!!!

Travel Tuesday Deal: As of the writing of this article, they simply have said that they are offering 50% off “Popular Cruises” (I’ll try to keep on eye to see if any of the Germany-specific ones are included in that) and that there are “Select offers for new Cruise an Air Combo Savings of Up to $3,000 on Select Journey.”

See All of the Uniworld River Cruises Here

Here are the River Cruises that Are in (or include) Germany:

Tour Packages and Companies Black Friday Discounts

I know many people prefer to just have a tour company take care of their whole trip and then they can simply sit back and enjoy the experiences! Here are some tour companies that I’ve seen offering Black Friday and Travel Tuesday deals.

➤ Go Ahead Tours

Go Ahead Tours has a couple of tours that include Germany that are well worth looking into!

Go Head Tour’s “Germany Grand Tour” Route

Black Friday Discounts: Go Head Tours is offering up to $600 savings on select tours and packages. See All the Black Friday Deals Here

Go Ahead Tours has a couple of packages that include a couple of cities in Germany:

  • Germany Grand Tour: 15 Days in Germany (This one actually looks pretty great with all the locations!)
  • 1 Week in Switzerland, Germany & Austria: Discounted to from $2399 to $600!!!
  • 14 Days Germany, Switzerland and Austria Tour: Discounted from $3809

➤ Contiki Tours to Germany- Up to 25% Off Tours

Contiki Tours is a company that specifically caters to the 18-35 year old crowds as well as solo travelers in this age range who want to see the world, but not necessarily alone.

While there is a HUGE selection of Contiki Tours in general, the ones I’ve seen for discounts on Germany are:

Travel Tuesday Discount: Up to 25% off on more than half of its group travel itineraries. See Deals Here

Oktoberfest, Christmas Market Tours

*I don’t think this is a Black Friday deal or anything, but when you subscribe to their Newsletter, you can get at $50 coupon

➤ G Adventures

G Adventures has been around for a while and has a pretty good reputation for quality tours.

Travel Tuesday Discounts: Up to 30% Off Select Tours. Use Code “G24GAV010ADV01Cyber”

Unfortunately, I don’t think G Adventures has a ton of Germany specific tours, but they do have a few that include parts of Germany in a bigger “European” tour:

12 Day Budapest to Paris: This tour makes stops in Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Berlin and ends in Amsterdam and is geared towards 18-30somethings.

14 Day Best of Eastern Europe: Similar to the above itinerary route but geared to all travelers.

Do You Know Of Other Deals to Add To The List?

If you come across any Black Friday or Travel Tuesday deals that will help save fellow WanderInGermany readers some money on their upcoming Germany and European trips, I’d love to continue to add that here! Send me an email and let me know what great deal you discovered and I’ll keep updating this list. Vielen Dank!
Email: LeAnna(at)WanderInGermany(dot)com

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