Build Your Own Lego Neuschwanstein or Puzzle

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To be completely honest, I’ve never been a big Lego builder. However, when my son turned 4, our house turned ALL things Lego and my computer programmer hubby loves that my son is super into building models together now! They both love Lego building so much that for my son’s 5th birthday, we even went to the Germany Legoland to celebrate! (Insider Tip: You actually get free entrance to the German Legoland on your birthday!!!

schloss neuschwanstein lego

While we were at Legoland, they have a whole “Lego Miniland” where entire cities like Berlin were built out of Legos.

But there was one set that caught my attention the most. Arguably, the most famous castle in Germany- Neuschwanstein! It was huge with so many amazing details that I was completely blown away!! It got me thinking about how to build the Lego German castle at home but I quickly realized, this is no task for the faint of heart!

lego schloss neuschwanstein
Every single piece of this Neuschwanstein castle is made from Legos!!!

So, in this guide, I’ll go over a few options for how to do your own Lego Neuschwanstein, give a few alternatives, but also show some options for great puzzles OR if you’re planning on Visiting Neuschwanstein (or already have) give a few suggestions on how to turn your very own photo into puzzles!

Lego Schloss Neuschwanstein

neuschwanstein castle lego
Neuschwanstein Castle 100% made from Legos!!!

I was actually really surprised and actually a bit disappointed that there wasn’t an official Lego Kit of Neuschwanstein Castle itself. There are a few MOC builds (My Own Creation) like this one if you want to get someone else’s plan but I can’t vouch for how detailed or good their MOC is since there is no way I could create something this detailed on my own! But, if you’ve got the ambition, it’s worth giving it a try!

However, there are some decent alternatives…


Modular Building Blocks

While not Lego itself, this building blocks set is still gorgeous, spot on as a replica, and pretty impressive once built up!!!

3D Neuschwanstein Castle Puzzle 


As an alternative to a Neuschwanstein Lego kit, you can opt for something unique, like this 3D Puzzle of Neuschwanstein. But don’t be fooled by some of the images of kids helping their parents build this. Reviews state time and time again that it’s actually (enjoyably) difficult and takes a good amount of time…the perfect challenge for puzzle lovers or builders!!

Neuschwanstein Puzzles 

Of course, you can always opt for the good ‘ol classic puzzles! There are some great ones like this gorgeous 1000 piece Neuschwanstein in the Autumn Puzzle


or this classic view of Neuschwanstein 


Whether you are looking for a great winter activity or just love putting together puzzles to quiet your mind, these ones are challenging but end up looking so beautiful when you are done!

Turn Your Own Photo into a Puzzle

One idea that I absolutely LOVE is turning your very own photos into puzzles. What a better reminder of a trip than to take your favorite photos from your trip of a lifetime and turn them into an active piece of art and fun! Sites like Shutterfly can turn your own photos into puzzles really easily. This would also make for a great birthday or Christmas present to a travel buddy you explored Germany with!

Neuschwanstein puzzle


While there isn’t a ton in ways of actually Neuschwanstein Legos itself, at least there are some really fun options to live your inner fairytale dream. Unfortunately, my son has a ways to go before being able to tackle a project like this, but who knows what he’ll be capable soon enough!




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