Day 2 Bavaria Trip Planning Challenge

Day 2 is where we start getting into the FUN parts of planning!

Watch the video, get your spreadsheet (or paper) ready, and let’s start day (trip) dreaming!


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To Recap:

  1. Use the Geo Tag features in Instagram and specific hashtags like #Visit____ or #Insider____ and start following local tourism boards
  2. Use Pinterest to get REAL people’s experiences of local places for tips on where to go, what to eat, and more
  3. Write down all your great ideas!

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After the 5 day challenge is complete and you know exactly where you want to go, start digging deeper into social media with your location.  So, for example, you can start looking up geotags of locations, more specific hashtags, etc and that will help you plan, in detail, your trip. Use Pinterest to search for things like “Name of City Itinerary” as well.  These are great ways to find hidden gems, even in popular locations. 

Look out for Day 3 of the challenge at the same time tomorrow!